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The Jonas Brothers Play 'don't burst my bubly'



Published on 6 months ago

The Jonas Brothers played a tense trivia game called “don’t burst my bubly” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to bubly, Kevin, Joe, and Nick raised $30,000 for Susan G. Komen to help raise awareness of breast health.

Brought to you by: bubly


Brought to you by: bubly

Comments :

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson . 1 week ago

“If it bursts on you, you’re out” joe’s face 😂😳
Hello There

Hello There . 2 weeks ago

Keeps calling Joe Kevin lol.
Sanika Sultana

Sanika Sultana . 3 weeks ago

Ellen is so sweet. She actually was planning to donate 30k$ no matter who wins. You're the best, Eellen...💖

Leena . 3 weeks ago

Jen Dhlomo

Jen Dhlomo . 1 month ago

Ever since the Jonas Brothers got back together I'm always on YouTube watching all their videos and data is so expensive here in South Africa.
kenya rose94

kenya rose94 . 1 month ago

Chloe Field

Chloe Field . 2 months ago

Ellen is pretty good with singing :-)
Ella Aflalo

Ella Aflalo . 2 months ago

If i met the Jonas bros id fait
viriya mar

viriya mar . 2 months ago

kevin say femur
Liv Willowe

Liv Willowe . 2 months ago

They’re all so good looking 🔥🔥😉😉😍😍


actually nick took a "long" time to answer "femur." if kevin didn't help him, nick would be the first one to lose hahaha and kevin even gave the correct answer later on his own turn
Scarlett Gant

Scarlett Gant . 2 months ago

Kevin: Thank You- Ellen: NEXT!
Molly Goldfinch

Molly Goldfinch . 2 months ago

Is joe wearing eye makeup?
shout_out_to_ Hero_FT

shout_out_to_ Hero_FT . 2 months ago

I freakin jumped on that second explosion
Solange Rivera Garcés

Solange Rivera Garcés . 2 months ago

Kevin is a smartass 😍
Lawm Sang Zuali Tuallawt

Lawm Sang Zuali Tuallawt . 2 months ago

Nick is so me regarding knowledge😂😂😂

S M . 2 months ago

Who else jumped when the balloon popped 😂
Kid Psycho

Kid Psycho . 2 months ago

Not that i'm his fan but I though Ellen asked Kevin "The bieber is the national emblem of which country"...Not cause his Canadian tho😁😂
Ritisha Jaiswal

Ritisha Jaiswal . 2 months ago

Kevin is the smartest out of all of them 💁🏻‍♀️❤️
Precious Oyelakin

Precious Oyelakin . 3 months ago

Tell me why I jumped when that balloon popped😭😭

panicduckky . 3 months ago

"It's Uranus" Ellen "Hehe. It always is." Nick
Musa Style

Musa Style . 3 months ago

The fact that Kevin helped Nick, and lost because of it warms my heart
Galaxy World

Galaxy World . 3 months ago

really adore their brotherhood lol
Sharmin Jahan

Sharmin Jahan . 3 months ago

"A group of crows is called crease" - Nick Jonas 2020
Abass Gareth

Abass Gareth . 3 months ago

Kevin show Senior He save nick This is awesome
Kris Quartz

Kris Quartz . 3 months ago

"Kevin! I mean uh, Hi KeViN" 😅🤣
damhar !

damhar ! . 3 months ago

oh wait ive already watched this , i litteraly watch so many jonas brothers videos omg
Peter Jones

Peter Jones . 3 months ago

Kevin - $15,000 Joe - $10,000 Nick - $5,000 A perfect example of how Ellen knew their ages.
Kyla Marie

Kyla Marie . 3 months ago

Daat miley cyrussss question 😂😂😂😂😂
Lauren De Zee

Lauren De Zee . 3 months ago

1:17 😂😂
natalya modawar

natalya modawar . 3 months ago

Am I the only one who watched this at like 1am and got so scared when the first one popped
J. Haines

J. Haines . 3 months ago

Awww Kevin whispering the answer to Nick is such a great brother moment.😆😆😆
serenity coones

serenity coones . 3 months ago

Nick is the cutest

Abigail . 3 months ago

They did Nick so dirty by giving him a question about Miley
Olivier Gahungu

Olivier Gahungu . 3 months ago

good Ellen thakns
Ian Cena

Ian Cena . 3 months ago

Shabnam Raja

Shabnam Raja . 4 months ago

I love Kevin so much
Nani R

Nani R . 4 months ago

I love Jonas Brothers
name is mythic

name is mythic . 4 months ago

Ellen: what is the 7th planet from the sun? Ellen: It’s Uranus Nick
Kel Braga

Kel Braga . 4 months ago

"Kevin, oh, hi Kevin" LOL
Lisa Verhoeven

Lisa Verhoeven . 4 months ago

Kevin is such a underrated legend
Cee Jay

Cee Jay . 5 months ago

Lol she Would ask nick the Miley question
Randim Dee

Randim Dee . 5 months ago

My school has a vending machine, with bubly, and nobody ever buys it.

Gonso96 . 5 months ago

1:31 Am I the only person that saw the needle that made the balloon explode?
Shubhi Roy

Shubhi Roy . 6 months ago

"it's Uranus" "yeah it is"
Emack B

Emack B . 6 months ago

Kevin helping nick only to get instantly eliminated after. Pure TM
G. Andrea

G. Andrea . 6 months ago

Nick knows he dated Miley Cyrus
Wendy Rojas

Wendy Rojas . 6 months ago

Ellen:which Jonas brother has hooked up the most with fans? Joe:hmmm Also joe:probably me *Sopie Turner has left the chat*
Wendy Rojas

Wendy Rojas . 6 months ago

Ellen:which Jonas brother has hooked up the most with fans? Joe:hmmm Also joe:probably me *Sopie Turner has left the chat*
Gorgeous - Talented

Gorgeous - Talented . 6 months ago

I have always been his biggest fan, and you?

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