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Tweet Dreams w/ The Jonas Brothers

The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Published on 2 months ago

The Jonas Brothers sit down backstage at the Late Late Show to read some of the weird and hilarious dreams about them that fans have posted to Twitter.

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Comments :

Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer Swanson . 3 days ago

I love to watch you guys and I always listen to your music while I am doing my homework
Alexis Dolin

Alexis Dolin . 6 days ago

Nick is the cutest Janice brother Joe so you shut up Joe you better listen up Kevin and Nick are cuter than you I act like I'm dating them too
Nani R

Nani R . 6 days ago

I love Nick jonas
Malaika Ngobese

Malaika Ngobese . 1 week ago

I had a dream where I was at the Jonas Brothers concert and I was in the front row, Joe saw me and made me walk on the stage and then he gave me free merch. Kinda random
Mia Affatigato

Mia Affatigato . 1 week ago

Is joe really a bar tender because he is also a part of DNCE!

sweetlikejoejo . 1 week ago

I had a dream that Joe was my new music teacher since my old one got coronavirus. Get them to read that please in the name of tacos
Alvin Niel

Alvin Niel . 3 weeks ago

We stan our dream daddy
5SOS snapped harder than Thanos

5SOS snapped harder than Thanos . 3 weeks ago

Jonas Brothers on The Late Late Show with Jame Corden is 👌🏼

R K . 3 weeks ago

I LOVE Nick's Jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohifonlyx33 . 4 weeks ago

Poor Kevin had to read those tweets. Like yikes.
Play Frankly

Play Frankly . 4 weeks ago

Who do you think get more nudes from their wifes, Joe, Kevin or Nick? 🤭 😍 #FranklyDilemmas #FranklyApp
Kayla Hansen

Kayla Hansen . 1 month ago

When your wife is so hot. The fans want her instead of you. 🤣
Haley Faragalli

Haley Faragalli . 1 month ago

Is this a new segment?

Brianna . 1 month ago

Finally I found out I was named after a famous person btw my name is jonas
Della Rúa

Della Rúa . 1 month ago

I once dreamed that joe, henry cavil and my boyfriend where all my boyfriends and they where fine with it ❤️
Brookie Cookie

Brookie Cookie . 1 month ago

Last night I had a dream where I met the Jonas brothers and we went on a plane Idk but it was the best dream ever!!! I can’t remember what else happened but they were really nice love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rilea Hammar

Rilea Hammar . 1 month ago

I love your guys crazy cartoon
salena 1996

salena 1996 . 1 month ago

Dream daddy here for you 😂😂😂💀
Bri Schneider

Bri Schneider . 1 month ago

The one about Sophie turner,,, relatable
Erika Burns

Erika Burns . 1 month ago

that tweet about joe and sophie is spot on
Amberly Lucas

Amberly Lucas . 1 month ago

Bratz shoes
Emily Novak

Emily Novak . 1 month ago

This is sooo funny. Nick is the best just saying😂😂😂
Sam Bruce

Sam Bruce . 1 month ago

Hairy muscle dream daddy is very accurate.

evolutionofwords . 1 month ago

Nick Jonas the wise lego man. Well I think we just stumbled across his next movie role.
Ferlangga Loho

Ferlangga Loho . 1 month ago

Old Jonas : " Joe and nick is my crush " New Jonas : " Kevin is literally my zaddy "
Reen Madden

Reen Madden . 1 month ago

hearing them say daddy added 4 years to my life span
Vinaya senthil

Vinaya senthil . 1 month ago

This gave me hope for a 1d reunion
Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson . 1 month ago

The one about Nick not having feet made me laugh so much! 😂
Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson . 1 month ago

HAHAHA the Sophie leaving Joe one is literally me lmao but I love them; they’re so cute together.
Isabeau Lovesjb

Isabeau Lovesjb . 1 month ago

Why is this video only 4 minutes. Like, I could watch a 10 hours of this😂🖤
Tiff Love

Tiff Love . 1 month ago

Tiff Love

Tiff Love . 1 month ago


lara . 1 month ago

I saw them in Zürich and they absolutely killed it.❤️
Md Abed

Md Abed . 1 month ago

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Blair Elliott

Blair Elliott . 1 month ago

I'm digging Nick's jacket so much.
Tarushi arora

Tarushi arora . 1 month ago

Kaitlyn Paris

Kaitlyn Paris . 1 month ago

“Joe would just be a sheep”

ruoweii . 1 month ago

they don't get enough credit for their sense of humour

reecewindsor10 . 1 month ago

Kevin is bae

Thedearanddarling . 1 month ago

trinity marais

trinity marais . 1 month ago

we love a hairy muscle daddy🙈
Bill Knuth

Bill Knuth . 1 month ago

Well I am on my way to get tacos now. Anybody want one?

kiyokochanable . 1 month ago

.This is NOT an interview with JoBros if the crew doesn't laugh at basically ANYTHING they do. #Shame

BE HAPPY . 1 month ago

When I was a kid, I had a crush on Joe then Nick when I was a teen and now I really love Kevin. Gosh, his wife is so gorgeous. Well, they all beautiful.
Anubhav Karmakar

Anubhav Karmakar . 1 month ago

Alchoholic drinks
Cara Lovell

Cara Lovell . 1 month ago

Please have Tom Holland
Javi Ahumada

Javi Ahumada . 1 month ago

I love them 🤣 i'm so happy they're back together as a band and we can get this kind of videos ❤

Reilly . 1 month ago

I can’t wait for the 5 1/2 albums

Ash . 1 month ago

weird how i know this video the same day as that kardashian tiktok they did
Tiffany Benjamin

Tiffany Benjamin . 1 month ago

3:07 had me wheezing

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