Amari Deraisx

Amari Deraisx

Published on 2 years ago

Gully Bop ended the year by revealing that he had found true love with his new spouse. His new relationship has been met by heavy criticism online, with some persons pointing out that since the entertainer split with his first love, Shauna Chyn, his life and career have taken a turn for the worse.

While flattered by the comments about her having been Bop's source of strength, Chyn wants to be left out of the drama surrounding her ex as she heads into the New Year.

In an interview with THE STAR, Chyn revealed that it took some time for her to regroup and reposition herself in the entertainment industry after the nasty falling-out between her and Bop. She also said that it is unfair that her name somehow gets involved in his 'drama' every time he finds another 'flame'.

"I did something major for somebody in terms of picking dem up and ensuring seh dem get a buss. A three years now since me and him lef, and me wah strive and do my own thing. Me a do me own work and a get my life organised, and me just want people leave me out a the negativity," she said. "Me try me best fi stay away from the negativity, and me don't want nobody a call me name inna no mix-up."

Chyn also noted that it was high time that Jamaicans knew the truth about her and Bop. The deejay's ex-fiancÈe told THE STAR that she and the 'Body Specialist' singer was never in a real relationship and stressed that all that transpired between them romantically was just for publicity.

"Me and him never have anything going, like, serious. We just projected it out there like dat because that's what Jamaican people like, the gimmicks. It was all for publicity," she said. "I felt that he had a story weh people would a love to say no matter where yuh coming from and how yuh look, yuh can still bounce back and be something because miracles happen every day. It was working until weh him did wah fi do wid me, him couldn't do."

She shared that all was well until Bop caught real feelings and wanted more than the business deal they had initially agreed on.

"Me and Bop make a deal say when me help him get to a level, it would also help to benefit me and my talent. He was my source of bussing myself. We were doing things to make it look real (e.g., living together)," she said. "It (the plan) backfired pan me because me never give Bop weh him want. Bop did wah fi deh wid me, and dat wasn't a part of the arrangement. Him did start get inna feelings and forget say it was just for show."

For those who would say that Chyn is looking to once again ride the wave of Bop's popularity as the deejay just recently re-emerged on the scene, she said this was not so.

"What popularity? I don't know what's going on with Bop. I'm not looking any fame because the whole world a see me already. I'm a female. Me can't die out. The whole reason why me even decide fi say sup'm a because people start call up mi name again and start talk bad things about me say a me make him career stop, and all these things."

Comments :

Amari Deraisx

Amari Deraisx . 2 years ago

Shauna Chyn also tattooed Gully Bop name on her arm The video is on my instagram @amari_deraisx
james dallen

james dallen . 6 months ago

Who got the better looking prince,Beyonce widd JZ OR SHAUNA Chyn widd Gully Bop..hahaha...
Princess Codwell

Princess Codwell . 9 months ago

I believe her
Demar Stewart

Demar Stewart . 9 months ago

Him and e man deh from day one

Dk74 . 9 months ago

Well I hope this is true bcuz....lawd if she was wit Bop....😟😷😲
Akeem Donegan

Akeem Donegan . 9 months ago

U know bout Illuminati...?? Mi know ud a real ut eno.
Akeem Donegan

Akeem Donegan . 9 months ago

Shes lying.
Patrick Wynter

Patrick Wynter . 9 months ago

A fucking lie she a fucking tell bop fuck that
Don Wayne

Don Wayne . 9 months ago

Gully bop tired to fuck chin, the man seh when him meet chin her pussy already fuck out.
Don Wayne

Don Wayne . 9 months ago

She done n interview saying she buys alot of blue pills for gully Bop.
arielle heart

arielle heart . 10 months ago

Lmao this guy kills me😂😂
Lisa Lisa Willi

Lisa Lisa Willi . 10 months ago

U mean to tell me, everybody believed that the relationship was real??
maisie lowe

maisie lowe . 10 months ago

A lie she did dey, wid him
Tovia Answer

Tovia Answer . 11 months ago

Shawna chin it would lie
Casandra Sinclair

Casandra Sinclair . 12 months ago

free series

free series . 1 year ago

Gyal lie eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee man an did a suck him tongue suh
Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson . 1 year ago

Lie she A blood cloth tell kmt
Shellyanni Seymour

Shellyanni Seymour . 1 year ago

Jus seeing this but....crawny gully bap.yaaakkk.nasty chin.cuoldnt kiss dat fi a dime
Poochie Loy

Poochie Loy . 1 year ago

IT confirmed what people was saying. She did try to HELP him. They cuss her how she NASTY for Kissin him
Steve Govia

Steve Govia . 1 year ago

Shauna chyn was once ugly she was black an ugly she did plastic surgery an look suh so i see why she talk to gullybop an weh she get the stomach from fu talk to him One ting mi nuh rate wid woman wen dem left man dem start disgrace dem
colin nembhard

colin nembhard . 1 year ago

I believe her
Sonia Simpson

Sonia Simpson . 1 year ago

why u all crab in a barrell bad mind jealous envious xxx xxx don't leave chin alone good God man a full time now she is not the only female he associate with so leave her man she move on just like him who move on aswell.

CD- J . 1 year ago

Lie she a tell
Dawn Henry

Dawn Henry . 1 year ago

What a worthless gal, and have the nerves that she want to stay out of negatively.
Sandra Davis

Sandra Davis . 1 year ago

That was nice of her to help gullybop but I didn't think she would be with gullbop not to discriminate but gullybop needs to get a life he made his own career went sour leave chin alone gullybop needs counseling big time gullybop making a clown of himself the way u carry urself is how people look at u chin wants to block gullybop from her mind no remembering him I don't blame her.
Ella Samuels

Ella Samuels . 2 years ago

I believe her, you can tell she is not even hurt by the break up.
Roxx Anne

Roxx Anne . 2 years ago

If Chin LIED to us then how Why should we believe that she's not lying to us now? Once a lier ALWAYS a lier
Troy Price

Troy Price . 2 years ago

I’ll turn her into a wife mi like her so what if she kiss gully bop she drink tea everyday right
Peter Green

Peter Green . 2 years ago

She kiss him in him nasty mouth so stop the fuckery dutty bitch.......She nasty and will fuck anything!!!
Wayne Stone

Wayne Stone . 2 years ago

Gully bop fuck chin over n over.
666ino add666

666ino add666 . 2 years ago

All me know she's good lol
Jennifer Chance

Jennifer Chance . 2 years ago

You fool ,sheee don't want hiiiiiim
Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart . 2 years ago

she use the man fi fame and money an then after left him 👿
Squithy .Y

Squithy .Y . 2 years ago

Boy you out of place lol handsome young man lol
miss peper gaza queen

miss peper gaza queen . 2 years ago

Handsome weh😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Babucarr Nying

Babucarr Nying . 2 years ago

A lie she a tell

soundmanbk11 . 2 years ago

She say negativity?this bitch say she gay
Mr. West lndian t.v.

Mr. West lndian t.v. . 2 years ago

Thats a ugly fucker.🤣🤣🤣
Alanzo Kerr

Alanzo Kerr . 2 years ago

If true , shows more ,how for a woman would go to get what she wants

C B . 2 years ago

so nuh she did say bop eat the pootang
Marcia Irving

Marcia Irving . 2 years ago

chauna chin lie you ,gully bop fuc-k you
Anthony Wright

Anthony Wright . 2 years ago

A shit that

Marcos . 2 years ago

Lie She Tell Them was in Real Relationships.
Trin Gordon

Trin Gordon . 2 years ago

Dat ah real hard ugly buoy...bummmmmba gal leave dat ugly ting
CONDA Fun and laughter

CONDA Fun and laughter . 2 years ago

A lie she's a tell a because nobody don't want to show up in the public with her that's why she's saying that fi don't feel no way.
carlington currie

carlington currie . 2 years ago

Sex martini brown Bvgf
Lil Jay

Lil Jay . 2 years ago

It wasn't real but it wasn't a stunt it just was fake and he did want her and tried to bribe and buy her and guess what it worked but she was playing him that's how it guh and now she is dissing him when she is the stupid one lol
Phantom Fireworks Record Label Incorporated

Phantom Fireworks Record Label Incorporated . 2 years ago

She spoke the truth. Only both of us really know. ..A'mari.
Julian Gayle

Julian Gayle . 2 years ago

She tek too long fi come out and talk the truth dat just mek me dough her. Me feel say a lie she a tell she just want har self fi look good. Lol
Kevin Bossie

Kevin Bossie . 2 years ago

I believe her

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