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Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter ([email protected])

Damien Rice

Damien Rice

Published on 11 years ago

Damien performed a few songs from his album O for [email protected] in 2003.

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Comments :

Claude Monete

Claude Monete . 2 months ago


merlinsdog . 3 months ago

I was buzzing when I learnt to play this on the guitar.
Jerome Ramos

Jerome Ramos . 4 months ago

Have always been a fan! One if my favorite songs of all time. Hearing this again makes me believe I did not do justice on my cover. 😅
Claude Monete

Claude Monete . 4 months ago


MoneySurgery . 7 months ago

Fantastic. Teary at the office listening to this on headphones.
Claude Monete

Claude Monete . 7 months ago

😍❤💚✌CAN TAKE MY EYES OF YOU🎵 Do you still with her?I respect friend😏
Ajitabh Chan Beck

Ajitabh Chan Beck . 8 months ago

Who's listening this in 2019 ❤️June
Moya Malyshka

Moya Malyshka . 9 months ago

Escuche esta canción por primera vez cuando descubrí que me eras infiel, que hablabas mal de mi con tu familia y amigos. Que pensabas abandonarme por que estaba enferma y no podías más. Llore, llore muchísimo... te perdone y me fui de tu vida. Me da gusto verte ahora; eres mi amigo y verte feliz me hace muy feliz :)
Chris Tina

Chris Tina . 9 months ago

Hi dear Damien Rice ! I'm one of the big fans of you and would like to present my work regarding your song "Cheers Darlin'". I've created a music video for the song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBI7xt1eXw8 ). I would enormously appreciate if you watch it and share your opinion ♥️.

김지호 . 10 months ago


DAFP . 11 months ago

Cello needs to work on her tempo... just saying
Alexius Nemo

Alexius Nemo . 1 year ago

Some songs it takes me a time before I accept them. I heard this haunting song once and I embraced it
Ualice Gusttavo

Ualice Gusttavo . 1 year ago

Ualice Gusttavo

Ualice Gusttavo . 1 year ago

Listen in 2018... december =D
Georgiana LittleBird

Georgiana LittleBird . 1 year ago

I love you, Mike Gedman

Magnum357lb . 1 year ago

Sva tvoja okolina koje se toliko stidiš će se promeniti preko noći, samo ću ti ja ostati zauvek, kao i ti meni...
Fabio Caobianco

Fabio Caobianco . 1 year ago

2018 👍
Rhythm jung swar

Rhythm jung swar . 2 years ago

I can't take my eyes off you i really can't take my eyes off you 💔💔
Harold Valenzuela

Harold Valenzuela . 2 years ago

No puedo dejar de mirarte no puedo dejar de amarte :)
Alberto Lima

Alberto Lima . 2 years ago

Damien Rice.. Essa é a música, mas tem várias que são sucesso. Parabéns!
Magali Reyes

Magali Reyes . 2 years ago

I can't ... I just can't take my eyes of you ...
Norma Salcido

Norma Salcido . 2 years ago

Damn this song here brings back memories that I shouldn't remember anymore. But the song itself I love it.

ilana . 2 years ago

Gorgeous song. I recorded a cover awhile back for anyone interested :) - https://youtu.be/fP3oJBzxq_Q


Leeeeento. Colega, te cuesta arrancar, eh? Demasiada coca? Espabila, burro, que nos duermes. Mamón.

Nareynah . 2 years ago

So sad today
Berfin Ekinci

Berfin Ekinci . 2 years ago

Angélica Marcheti

Angélica Marcheti . 2 years ago

Tão perfeito!!!!
max Lim

max Lim . 2 years ago

everytime my heart's break will bring me back to this song
Tatiana Corredor

Tatiana Corredor . 2 years ago

We'll both forget the breeze. most of the time💔

beyza . 2 years ago

bu ne orospu evladı

merlinsdog . 2 years ago

Playing Damien's songs on my guitar has helped me so much this past few years! Such a fan!
Fahmi Septianto

Fahmi Septianto . 2 years ago

Very classic version.. love it..
Juniper Lai

Juniper Lai . 2 years ago

I can't take my eyes off you
Irthiza Ahmad

Irthiza Ahmad . 2 years ago


munkeyc . 2 years ago

3:20 is when I first fell in love with a voice.
Athanasios Matrapazis

Athanasios Matrapazis . 3 years ago

Still here

wontootreefoe . 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure everyone knows this is one of the greatest videos on the internet.
Mary-Katherine Johnston

Mary-Katherine Johnston . 3 years ago

Still one of the most emotional songs of all time.
Enrique Reyes Sanchez

Enrique Reyes Sanchez . 3 years ago

great song.
Julie Ryan

Julie Ryan . 3 years ago

So Beautiful. I can listen to this song over and over. There something so special about this song.

oselbe . 3 years ago

Who is the background vocals?
Im Starboi

Im Starboi . 3 years ago

Susana Serrano

Susana Serrano . 3 years ago

Eriza la piel...❤

권민신 . 3 years ago

Let you listen this music when you are falling in love with someone. And think about your minds. such as jealous, shyness, likeness and so on. How beautiful your minds and life?
Mir Mulk

Mir Mulk . 3 years ago

vyvienne is amazing here

danigato2111 . 3 years ago

I can't take my mind of this song...
Darma Yanti

Darma Yanti . 3 years ago

i miss you😂😂😂😂

Letholog1ca . 3 years ago

1:14 "What's going on here? Oh shit, there's cameras"
Bruno Da Silva

Bruno Da Silva . 3 years ago

A vida è um infelicidade
Christos / Father of an Angel/ Lost

Christos / Father of an Angel/ Lost . 3 years ago

Μπορώ να κάνω ένα σωρό πράγματα για να σου εκφράσω, να σου δείξω, να σου αποδείξω, να επιβεβαιώσω ή να υποστηρίξω ότι σ’ αγαπώ, όμως, μόνο ένα πράγμα μπορώ να κάνω με την αγάπη μου, κι αυτό είναι να Σ’ ΑΓΑΠΩ, να ασχολούμαι μαζί σου, να εκδηλώνω τα συναισθήματά μου όπως τα νιώθω. Και το πώς τα αισθάνομαι είναι ο δικός μου τρόπος να σ’ αγαπώ...

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