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Kevin Gates- Thugged Out Ft.Boobie Black

Adam _Salazar_06

Adam _Salazar_06

Published on 2015 December 30

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Kevin Gates And Maboy Boobie Black Hit It Together To Make Such A Great Track Check It Out....


[Verse ]

Bitch, get naked disrespectful when we sexing 
I-N-D-E-P-E whatever
Ain't got no time for spelling, bout time you start undressing 
All that ass behind you yeah, I can see it from the front 
Cutting up the 'ply, sipping gnac, blowing blunts
In the car, oh God I'm nasty 
Just said don't put nothing past me
Behind it over, pull your hair, then smack it
Pressure, 'tron, scratching
Beat the pussy, I got come back
Now come back (come back) what's happening? (come back)


I like my bitches thugged out
On the couch, making love, in a drug house (ugh)
I like my bitches thugged out
Only one who know just what a thug about
Baby, I just like my women thugged out
I like my bitches thugged out
Baby, I just like my women thugged out
I like my bitches thugged out

[Verse 2]

Face down, ass up that's the way we like to fuck (you're right) 
On that goose , you too loose baby, tighten up
On a deuce, sipping juice, that's my type of love ( retawdid )
That's my type of, tattoos all on my body 
My whips always exotic (skrrt!) 
Talk loud with my jeans sagging
And she don't think it's obnoxious (what up?) 
In and out of jail, I'm thugging 
She hold it down, no question
Aggressive, get money, she love me, one hundred (ugh)


[Verse 3: Boobie Black]

Yeah, she official, thugging to the griscle 
Big Chanel bag for the racks and the pistol 
Riding for a nigga, she ain't never tripping 
The Porshe Panamera coupe, she really about her business 
Copped it off the profit, got a condo in the trenches
Flights taking off, she above them local bitches 
I love the way she thugging, she roll my kush for me 
I fucks with her one hundred, you other bitches stunting 



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