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Mary J. Blige - Mary, Did You Know

Tony Schmid

Tony Schmid

Published on 6 years ago

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Merry Christmas Everyone :)

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Miter Phanor

Miter Phanor . 4 weeks ago

Hey guys let´s do The New Year Tap all together for 2020!
Agung Sugiarto

Agung Sugiarto . 4 weeks ago

FACTzz - Hindi

FACTzz - Hindi . 4 weeks ago

I can't wait for The New Year Tap, who's with me
Mat Cyrus

Mat Cyrus . 4 weeks ago

M Jot

M Jot . 4 weeks ago

Tap & congratulate everybody a Happy 2020 on #TheNewYearTap! The more we are, the better it is!
Muhammad Aprilah

Muhammad Aprilah . 4 weeks ago

Let´s tap all together the button on #TheNewYearTap and wish a Happy 2020! Who´s with me?
nil hirani

nil hirani . 4 weeks ago

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Denden . 4 weeks ago

Visit The New Year Tap and let us wish a Happy New Year all around the World!
Gardhaale Channel

Gardhaale Channel . 4 weeks ago

What a cool occasion to wish a Happy New Year 2020 with only one tap on The New Year Tap!
Narvia Williams

Narvia Williams . 1 month ago

darla loveless

darla loveless . 1 month ago

Grate song and voice
Calvin Soafo

Calvin Soafo . 1 month ago

i cant be without u
Devetta Latrice

Devetta Latrice . 1 month ago

Merry Christmas 2019!! #MaryDidYouKnow
XxXBlueplayz Gacha

XxXBlueplayz Gacha . 1 month ago

Merry Christmas
Kweli Porter

Kweli Porter . 1 month ago

Congratulations and long life.l.am.grateful.. love.. kweli
Lisa Gonzales

Lisa Gonzales . 1 month ago

Proclaim Heaven Mary Mother Of God First To enter Heaven ..the promised land Christ doesnt lie and he keeps his promise. I proclaim Father God I love You. Thank you. ..
maryam mure

maryam mure . 1 month ago

MJB 🤗🤗🤗
maryam mure

maryam mure . 1 month ago

Wow. I didn't know she also did a cover for this. Wow so beautiful. I always wanted Mariah to do this song too. That would be epic
Jan Peters

Jan Peters . 1 month ago

I love Mary J.
Osg x Xavier by the way

Osg x Xavier by the way . 1 month ago

Beautiful voice
shadaka hall

shadaka hall . 1 month ago

My baby girl dance at church today on Sunday
Shadi G Stawro Girgis

Shadi G Stawro Girgis . 1 month ago

ss--Shadittarius--}-> + ; ) Lee ( : = <3 4ever 🇮🇹♥ ; )Pretty Curly💓💞❤Lee💗💕&💖HbibtE🇮🇹 ( : ♥
Rapheth Martin

Rapheth Martin . 1 month ago

Damn I love her voice. She is so sultry.

Michelle . 1 month ago

Beautiful ❤ Mary did u know....

K V . 1 month ago

Mary J. Blidge and The Braxtons made this song their own and sang it their way. Well done!
Augustine Victoria

Augustine Victoria . 1 month ago

Mary J Blige, u rock this song.
James Wiliams

James Wiliams . 1 month ago

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Erica Lauren Horn

Erica Lauren Horn . 1 month ago

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 👼🏻👼🏽
Carlos Bright

Carlos Bright . 1 month ago

I am still listening to this song by Mary J. Blige, December 18, 2019. Praise God for letting me see another Christmas because he could have called me on to glory like so many. My heart is heavy today hearing this song because my mother passed away Christmas Eve December 24, 2013 and her 81st birthday would have been Christmas Day 2013.

asjha30 . 1 month ago

Blessed One

Blessed One . 1 month ago

Mary did you know that when you sang this song you sent chills through my soul. Love it !
starbase five

starbase five . 1 month ago

Emmeline Etienne

Emmeline Etienne . 1 month ago

Marvelous voice Mary j Blige
Ronnie Bruce

Ronnie Bruce . 1 month ago

Dec 2019 🌲

Sunshine . 1 month ago

That was beautiful!✌🏿
Nancy Clay

Nancy Clay . 1 month ago

Thank you for singing this. It is most beautiful when sung by a female vocalist, it seems, because it is like it is from one mother to another. Extremely touching. Makes me cry every time.
Bianca Cruz

Bianca Cruz . 2 months ago

Glory to Mary mother of God beautifully done .
Virjivia Britt

Virjivia Britt . 2 months ago

Jaydon Gilly

Jaydon Gilly . 2 months ago

"So beautiful!"
Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones . 2 months ago

Beautiful !!!

MONISA MONTOYA . 2 months ago

I collected every version of O' Holy Night I could find in all genre's - now it is this song. I love hearing the same songs in R&B , country, Classical, jazz. I always say that there is no better but different way to interpret a song.
Murlean Taylor

Murlean Taylor . 2 months ago

Eventhough no one knows the exact birthdate of Jesus, he did much amazing things in his 33 1/2 years while he was on earth. Those things were only a foregleam of what he will do for obedient mankind in the near future. He will rule as king over all nations..Paradise is God's purpose ..His Will will be done in Heaven as well as on earth.(Matt 6:10)(1Corinthians15:2)(Psalm37:11,29) (Rev.14:1-3)
ishmael nettles

ishmael nettles . 2 months ago

I heard this song on the way to work early morning and man to watch the sunrise and to have this song play at the same time is powerful

MAMA WRIGHT . 2 months ago

Love it!

Dori_M . 2 months ago

Well done!! This song demands a high level of respect and majesty...you accomplished that!! Praise Jesus!
Haroon Mobile

Haroon Mobile . 2 months ago

Nice good
Sinedia Warnecke

Sinedia Warnecke . 2 months ago

Magical beautiful ❤️🥰
Barb Williams

Barb Williams . 2 months ago

This ain't Christmas music daughter tricked me.. but song is beautiful
Ash Milli

Ash Milli . 2 months ago

Thank u jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEKE NEICOLE . 2 months ago

Mary did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water? Mary did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters? Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new? This child that you've delivered, will soon deliver you Mary did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man? Mary did you know that your baby boy will calm a storm with his hand? Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod? When you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God Mary did you know? Mary did you know? Mary did you know? Mary did you know? Mary did you know? Mary did you know? The blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again The lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the praises of the lamb Mary did…

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