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Arizona Zervas - When I Die (Prod. 94 Skrt & Musik Majorx)

Arizona Zervas

Arizona Zervas

Published on 2 years ago

SPOTIFY/ITUNES: http://fanlink.to/livingfactsEP
SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/arizonazervas/sets/livingfacts

show ur friends so i can go on tour and meet ya'll.
- AZ

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Comments :

Arizona Zervas

Arizona Zervas . 2 years ago

been a minute. 3 new songs out now. http://fanlink.to/livingfactsEP please save on your spotify and apple music! hope you guys enjoy! - AZ
Matt West

Matt West . 3 days ago

Arizona Zervas is a good arist.
TeamShield Gt

TeamShield Gt . 3 weeks ago

big boy

big boy . 3 weeks ago

This on to 999 billion likes and subscribers
RemorGamer 1615

RemorGamer 1615 . 3 weeks ago

I only recently found dis man and i dont like rap but damn he gotta fan outta me
Ayça Yılmaz

Ayça Yılmaz . 3 weeks ago

Güzelmiş korona var yatın evde

Sercraft . 3 weeks ago

Can i use this song in my video?
Ripley vs Sludge

Ripley vs Sludge . 1 month ago

Yo i love this song
Jo Ley

Jo Ley . 1 month ago

DerPomDennis YT

DerPomDennis YT . 1 month ago

osoi ellines einai edw ua kseroun oti to guccci tou mad clip to phre apo afto

JODE ALOMAME . 1 month ago

New lil peep
Joe Vella

Joe Vella . 1 month ago


obt.Koneruツ . 2 months ago

who ogs watchings this i am
General KripzZ

General KripzZ . 2 months ago

Rob D

Rob D . 2 months ago

0:11 It sounded like roxsannee (I think I spelled wrong -_-) The beginning sounded like roxsannee

Maer2y . 2 months ago

xd_kidtrash -

xd_kidtrash - . 2 months ago

Omg no this is a sign that az is the next to go
Grindergamer 67

Grindergamer 67 . 2 months ago

I love all ur songs cause they make my day even better
Masoud Abbasi

Masoud Abbasi . 2 months ago

Discovered a god
Masoud Abbasi

Masoud Abbasi . 2 months ago

Should be more famous that was lit
Send it Kyle

Send it Kyle . 2 months ago

This bangs harder than an ex girlfriend
Eduardo jaja

Eduardo jaja . 2 months ago

I am god
Skittlz 9

Skittlz 9 . 2 months ago

i been on dis shii
Diego Avila

Diego Avila . 2 months ago

still the best song i dont give a shit what you think
PXL Subway

PXL Subway . 2 months ago

This your will be a theorapy when you die Arizona.

LyC . 2 months ago

Lexie Garrett

Lexie Garrett . 3 months ago

The bass tho
Victor Bonev

Victor Bonev . 3 months ago

who DISLIKED the video HE WILL DIE
Jan Schulze

Jan Schulze . 3 months ago

I can't find this song on my apple music and its one of my favourite it annoys me
Harshad Ct

Harshad Ct . 3 months ago

Bro you're outstanding dude I love your beat drops in every song... love from india🥀
Pericles Michael

Pericles Michael . 3 months ago

2020 anyone? also low key wanna make a track with him. but I also know he prolly would not notice me if I hit em up.
gucci gangster

gucci gangster . 3 months ago

Hes just a banger in general wish I would have found out about u sooner than just hearing roxanne
Skittlz 9

Skittlz 9 . 3 months ago

here at 434,436 views

mjawara1 . 3 months ago

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne . 3 months ago

In my opinion this is better than roxxane
king man

king man . 3 months ago

Best song?

Frota . 3 months ago

ordinary blankspace

ordinary blankspace . 3 months ago

can't wait to play this at my funeral in WW3
Mina Bacicanin

Mina Bacicanin . 3 months ago

Who still listens to this in 2021

ααnywhere . 3 months ago

only 200k??????!!!
Lennox H.

Lennox H. . 3 months ago

Is there Copyright ©?
Lil Dicky Cat

Lil Dicky Cat . 3 months ago

thomas mtrt

thomas mtrt . 3 months ago

Je comprend pas pourquoi ça fait pas le buzz alors que les son sont trop bien (Dsl les anglais qui comprennent pas)
Use other channel FN

Use other channel FN . 4 months ago

I made an Falling fortnite montage JUST FOR YOU
Landon .v

Landon .v . 4 months ago

When he said throw a party out there on the coast i fucking felt that
omer gal

omer gal . 4 months ago

Hazef Iqbal

Hazef Iqbal . 4 months ago

This is better Than Roxxane OG FAN
Sajeel Hussain

Sajeel Hussain . 4 months ago

From 74k to 174k subscribers isn't it cool🙄🙄

DisNutella . 4 months ago

do you still alive friends says somebody murder you or you was sick if you steel alive answer me :)
The Cosmic Eagle

The Cosmic Eagle . 4 months ago

Your music is fire you ab too blow tf up soon I bet

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