Published on 2017 August 01

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An Epic Orchestral vocal piece inspired by Lullaby for a Princess by Ponyphonic. The story of Luna and Celestia in their final moments before before Luna turns on her sister and becomes Nightmare Moon; For over a year I've worked to compose and orchestrate this song to the best of my abilities ~♫ I want eveyone to enjoy it in its full glory. Please, I ask that everyone download a FREE copy of the song off my bandcamp. ♫~ Despite being a very expensive project (paid singers, licenses and libraries, software etc) Just enter Zero dollars for the free download when prompted

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Without YOUR help to share, without YOU to spread this song, this song will be buried amidst every other song this fandom puts out. Never stop the hype, never stop the sharing, never stop the spread. And never think that you as an individual couldnt cant help out. Even a share on facebook or twitter helps. Download a copy, send it to friends, email it to people, burn cd's, USB drives, whatever you have to do!

Be sure to listen with your best headphones (preferrably to a high quality mp3 download) for best experience. We've spent a year composing, orchestrating, recording, editing, etc and every single note is planned, every chord is planned, all the lyrics have a deeper meaning. I've also done some cool visual stuff with the frequency spectrum, too (especially at certain key transitions twards the end to represent celestia's new mane color)


♫Here are links to the vocalists!!♫
Megan McDuffee (As Celestia):

♫1004Lights (As Luna):

♫ By the way, the only way I can keep making music like this is because of those who support me. If you'd like to be a part of the awesome team that helps bring this beautiful music to your ears, please consider buying some songs, or consider pledging to my patreon! Patreon supporters get early access to music, a zip file of all my music, high resolution pictures, and more! ♫

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Lyrics are in the bandcamp description

This project was made possible entirely due to the support of Azure Serenity/Chandler on Patreon, as well as my other supporters there. Without their help, this simply wouldn't have been possible!

🎨 Art sourced here


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