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Pet Shop Boys - Love etc.

PetShopBoys Parlophone

PetShopBoys Parlophone

Published on 11 years ago

Music video by Pet Shop Boys performing Love etc..

Comments :

Andrew Keable

Andrew Keable . 1 day ago

Amazing song
mad max

mad max . 2 days ago

Das Video find ich ulkig

thesylvianist . 1 week ago

Lise gözümde canlanıyor ya. Agzima sıçtınız. Bu sarki da bile aklimda

CKs CKs . 1 week ago

Positive and happy song. Feel good.

zilfman . 2 weeks ago

there are 1.700 assholes who don't believe in Love but in Etc
John Orbit

John Orbit . 3 weeks ago

Another gorgeously perfect pop song by PSB. I never tire of it.
elanit Perez

elanit Perez . 1 month ago

its nice i like ja ☮️❤️☮️2020
legend vito

legend vito . 1 month ago

Tom S

Tom S . 1 month ago

One of the most beautiful songs...i have ever heard...but melancholic ideas comes on my mind..
Ziya Zərbalıyev

Ziya Zərbalıyev . 1 month ago


TheHungaryPSB . 1 month ago

Someone like Neil https://youtu.be/H7EzDlv1Aeg
Bernardo Cikojević

Bernardo Cikojević . 1 month ago

2009 was an awesome year ,music has lost soul after :/
m mk

m mk . 1 month ago

Keep coming back to this song for now a decade :D it's too catchy

maria610421 . 1 month ago

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maria610421 . 1 month ago

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Waki 7

Waki 7 . 1 month ago

2020?? 😁
giovani golden

giovani golden . 2 months ago


LittleRedrum . 2 months ago

Have a great new year 2020 guys :D <3
kemal bsuetp

kemal bsuetp . 2 months ago

You're never naive, love is always free This is the first song I've listened for 2020 what a lucky thing to be alive Love you all, big hearts
Felipe Suarez Web

Felipe Suarez Web . 2 months ago

2020 👍

afyonkarahisarli03 . 2 months ago

2020 🤔

2fast4u . 2 months ago

I am here at the last days of 2019
Mario Andrés Domínguez

Mario Andrés Domínguez . 2 months ago

10 years of saying yes to Pet shop boys
Przemysław Jasiński

Przemysław Jasiński . 2 months ago

"Stary" wspaniały Pet Shop Boys, czasy pierwszych prywatek w 1981 roku i tak trwa to zauroczenie do dzisiaj ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E81gsevRDTs
etan De Keijser

etan De Keijser . 2 months ago

Ptitshounette ##dedicace
lucas Meoreles goncalves

lucas Meoreles goncalves . 2 months ago

Its Song 2020?

Seda . 2 months ago

Ölene kadar buraya uğrayıp dinleyeceğim seni bebeğim
Cindy Duarte

Cindy Duarte . 2 months ago

Guatemala loves this tune and all tracks of PSB😉😉😉😜😜✨💋
Rex rexes

Rex rexes . 2 months ago

2019.12.12🎵🎶🎧 Georgia❤🇬🇪
Alice Stella Mmj

Alice Stella Mmj . 2 months ago

Love love love love ❤❤❤
Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough . 3 months ago

I miss them
onett.residence Ness4Less

onett.residence Ness4Less . 3 months ago

Casino Royale vibes.
Jamie Learmonth

Jamie Learmonth . 3 months ago

Pet shop boys, writing classic tunes since the 1980's
Michael Pedersen

Michael Pedersen . 3 months ago

no live can surpass this!
dj Samuel

dj Samuel . 3 months ago

I been a fan off pet shop boys since the age off 5 and now i am 21 feel like I'm getting old😂
Lars Larson

Lars Larson . 3 months ago

Thorbjorn Thor Bear: whether you want a Fyrir Lestur Um Hamingjuna, Love etc is Basic Pet Shop Boys listening. Lars Larson alingsås sweden
adam shep

adam shep . 3 months ago

The English are so great
Man Dude

Man Dude . 3 months ago

The first 15 seconds are amazing, I love that beat.
Marcell Kreuzhuber

Marcell Kreuzhuber . 4 months ago

Musik meiner Kindheit! 😍

Patri . 4 months ago

literally found this by mistake good shit
José Fernando Flores

José Fernando Flores . 4 months ago

Que música tan perfecta es lo máximo me fascinaaaaa pet shop!!! 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

Grinada . 4 months ago

10 years later... still listening
David G

David G . 4 months ago

Anyone listening in LATE October, 2019 ?? :):)
Twali Diamond

Twali Diamond . 4 months ago

This song used to give me nightmares back when I watched it at age 5
matt rick

matt rick . 4 months ago

We have so many managers on this planet ' but god is my boss ♥️
matt rick

matt rick . 4 months ago

Love it ♥️
Denis Petrov

Denis Petrov . 4 months ago


cbooc . 5 months ago

I love this song. Always cool
Istvan Fulop

Istvan Fulop . 5 months ago

Very good music always

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