Published on 2017 August 21

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Please enjoy this remix of "We're not flawless" from the latest episode of mlp, Fame and Misfortune ! A remix that's not overpowering, seeking to bring my own experimental flair while also enhancing the magic of the original work. Also be sure to check out my most epic song about Luna and Celestia, On Wings of Moonlight! -- Hope everyone enjoys this remix, this was done mainly just for fun and to try my hand at something "harder" than the typical stuff I've done in the past. Thanks to UndreamedPanic for doublechecking the chords; thanks to Orange B for the mix advice!
Tried some new things, tried combining orchestral elements into an electro-ey bassey style song with plenty of swing. ♫ Be sure to share it if you liked it! ♫
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Note; I dont actually know if this is electro-ey but I cant find any other relevant terms to describe it :/

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