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“Jealous”, “Cake By The Ocean” and “Sucker” Medley (Live From The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)

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The Sayuj

The Sayuj . 4 hours ago

2:51 KANE dancing to the fire and not being a WWE Superstar
DAN Beats

DAN Beats . 7 hours ago

Just noticed Brendon Urie is watching the performance
Dylan Coleman

Dylan Coleman . 8 hours ago

Damn not gonna lie Kevin’s entrance had me shook🔥🔥
Diana Maqque

Diana Maqque . 11 hours ago

Beebo in the audience makes this so much better
C.N Art & Graphics

C.N Art & Graphics . 12 hours ago

Okay, now I love them!
Angy Martinez

Angy Martinez . 15 hours ago

Producer to crowd: please dance normal and don’t overreact The crowd: 🕺 💃🏽 dancing.
Betaria Angel

Betaria Angel . 18 hours ago

So valentina and aleena couldn’t be more proud having them
Nahir Torres

Nahir Torres . 20 hours ago

I freaking love this performance, is just so perfect. Every time I watch this I tear up a little. AND OMG, KEVIN. FUCKING. JONAS. YES. I love you guys so so much, thank you for making your fans so happy everyday ♥
Game Changer

Game Changer . 1 day ago

I showed Kevin's entry to my cat And now my cat can bark😂😂
Game Changer

Game Changer . 1 day ago

Sucker is played Me-I can do a Kamehameha
Game Changer

Game Changer . 1 day ago

Sucker plays Me-Goosebumps
Game Changer

Game Changer . 1 day ago

2:24 Feels like he can call out rain with that guitar 😂😂
William Roby

William Roby . 1 day ago

Dey 501

Dey 501 . 1 day ago

Q buenas voces q tienen.. me encanto el puño ahi con.. Taehyung 1:57.. wow Jonas Brothers y Bts
Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith . 2 days ago

The Jonas wives are so adorable together!!! Like I can’t get enough of wives and then there are the boys, I love them all ahhhh!!!
Niniarinator Niniarinator

Niniarinator Niniarinator . 2 days ago

Better than Taylor❤️
Ally Tran

Ally Tran . 2 days ago

how do they ALL LOOK SO GOOD omg. also Kevin's intro was AMAZING
Angelbert Loyloy

Angelbert Loyloy . 2 days ago

When i watch movie of demi and jonas brother nick is not handsome theire lol demi so damn beautiful when she dont smile lol
Angelbert Loyloy

Angelbert Loyloy . 2 days ago

Is joe jonas makes bts look like im better with u .lol
Angelbert Loyloy

Angelbert Loyloy . 2 days ago

The reaction of nick jonas see her wife priyankaaa wawww thats love
Learn With Biraj

Learn With Biraj . 2 days ago

I love Kevin’s solo!!
Zen Malik

Zen Malik . 2 days ago

Imagine if One Direction does this, each one of them singing their own songs first then their comeback song as a band or 'What makes you beautiful' so we can all cry in nostalgia.
L Hanson

L Hanson . 2 days ago

look at joe's face 4:36
Meg 2.1

Meg 2.1 . 2 days ago

Me encantan!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
chubby chubby

chubby chubby . 2 days ago

me at 2:40 bcuz the JoBros back
Eliza Graply

Eliza Graply . 3 days ago

I have watched this a million times it never gets old!
R Falak

R Falak . 3 days ago

Joes voice is magical....wen nick sings I feel like he’s tryn hard to sing
pedrito escobar

pedrito escobar . 3 days ago

They actually sing very good even in a live concert
George Waters

George Waters . 3 days ago

People probs don't wanna hear this and I get that the music is pretty funky and all BUT.... what you are all saying is a 'fire guitar solo' is a couple of bar chords playable by pretty much any novice and nicks guitar is definitely not actually wired up for any of the song (you can tell this cos he never coordinates his hands correctly and isn't playing frets that work on the song). Sorry to be a bore.
hoa cúc nguyễn

hoa cúc nguyễn . 3 days ago

I thought that Nick was kissing a strange girl until I watched it again and saw that was Pri...
john wong

john wong . 3 days ago

Who's the girl in orange on the left dancing at 2:47
s ᴜ ɴ ғ ʟ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ

s ᴜ ɴ ғ ʟ ᴏ ᴡ ᴇ ʀ . 3 days ago

I love how Joe went "Ayayayayaya" and went up to bts, they looked so flippin happy, jin was turnin up. 1:56
robinson Billie

robinson Billie . 3 days ago

Kevin: it’s my turn 30 minutes later.. Let’s gooooooi🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺
Jenyffer Previtalli

Jenyffer Previtalli . 3 days ago

tudo pra mim
Do Na

Do Na . 3 days ago

Such a great performance. They legit came back with a bang. Vocals on point and Kevin’s solo is the best thing that’s ever happened 🔥
avery_ wdw

avery_ wdw . 3 days ago

the wife’s part was so cute oml🥺
ivy 2of4

ivy 2of4 . 3 days ago

Janice Dickens

Janice Dickens . 3 days ago

All I have to say is if you weren’t up dancing and clapping, then IDK wtf is wrong with you!!!! 💖💖💖

Kookieinthehouse97 . 4 days ago

Up else up to date 😂

DemiJonas4Life . 4 days ago


cassidy1023 . 4 days ago

joes voice has grown so much and it’s absolutely amazing
Jada Lee Walker

Jada Lee Walker . 4 days ago

Joe owned Nick's song tho😂😂😂

LaHistoire . 4 days ago

Kevin Jonas was HELLA impressive with that guitar. I mean HOT!

tyrnasmail . 4 days ago

It's crazy how they stayed relevant during their solo careers and with this comeback. Talented legends

Mothernature . 4 days ago

At first I was like “Where’s Kevin 🥺” HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT, DID YOU SEE BRENDON URIE’S FACE????
Richard Krishendath

Richard Krishendath . 4 days ago

I love how celebrities are there

Isaiah . 4 days ago

I love these guys but this performance was ruined by the horrible playback. I wouldn’t expect these 3 to be so cringe, the chords & strumming isn’t even close to synchronized.
Tova Fredlender

Tova Fredlender . 4 days ago

I wrote a song 𝚂𝚃𝙰𝙻𝙺𝙴𝚁 I’ve been searchin on top of cars And kicked out of several bars I’d follow you through the dark can’t get enough Your the medicine to my pain The tattoo inside my veins and baby you know it’s obvious I’m a stalker for you.
Will Taylor

Will Taylor . 4 days ago

It’s so obvious that the guitars are playbacked because both Jonas brothers wielding them are able to freely walk off stage with no cords trailing them
Deborah Pontes

Deborah Pontes . 4 days ago

I’ll never get tired of this performance

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