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IT'S SHOWTIME 4th Anniversary : Teddy, Karylle & Jugs Performance

ABS-CBN Entertainment

ABS-CBN Entertainment

Published on 6 years ago

In "Magpasikat," the team of Karylle, Jugs and Teddy surprised everyone with their production number. Their show started with a video featuring an Indian-inspired concept. However, when the three performed playfully onstage, their colorful background theme did not have a trace of the Indian-inspired concepts that were featured in the VTR. Further, they sang a song in gibberish that left the madlang people puzzled. The surprise took place when the video of their performance was played in reverse, that everyone learned that they were actually singing "It's Showtime's" theme song.

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Comments :

Carlo Aquino

Carlo Aquino . 1 week ago

Corona virus brought me here and I'm amazed

Jamirimaj . 2 weeks ago

Yung ginaya uli nila to nung 10th anniversary pero fell flat lol nothing beats the first one
Zander Manalo

Zander Manalo . 4 weeks ago

Bumalik ako para mapanood muli ang epic and napaka creative na video na to...grabe ang lupit talaga..
Jon Nada

Jon Nada . 1 month ago

What Language is this
Tejero Joshua

Tejero Joshua . 2 months ago

lupit neto
Huta Miks

Huta Miks . 3 months ago

2020??? Char HAHAHA
Marcon Jamison

Marcon Jamison . 3 months ago

2020 and still watching this haha
VOiD xXx

VOiD xXx . 4 months ago

Pag kakamokamote ka talaga, hindi mo maiintindihan yung ginawa nila... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

BTXT ENTHUSIAST . 4 months ago

Da best !
Layche Lee

Layche Lee . 4 months ago

Hala c kryly mag anak ka na dai ..ganda mo pa naman ..wag ka mag stress ..wag mo sila isipin mag baby ka na..dapat kambal
Joshua Crescendo

Joshua Crescendo . 5 months ago

Kainis talaga si Billy spoiler ampota buti wala na sya sa showtime
Ry Ambas

Ry Ambas . 5 months ago

Still the BEST!!!
oikawaii toru

oikawaii toru . 5 months ago

Ang iconic nito promise!

BTS_army_TXT_moa . 5 months ago

Eto dapat yung pang 10 years nila
Jano Ariaga

Jano Ariaga . 5 months ago

2019!!! But still, ito parin yung best Magpasikat. Goosebumps parin grabeee!
Shareefa Sarihasan

Shareefa Sarihasan . 5 months ago

Ito parin yung the best ang talino 😍😍

sirwillll . 5 months ago

TVJ sa payong?

AverageCryptoPerson . 5 months ago

2019 na and this is still the best MAGPASIKAT production in my opinion.
This is Philippines

This is Philippines . 5 months ago

Yung YT recommendation talaga binabalik ako sa mga videos 5yrs ago, 6yrs ago, 9yrs ago. Pinapamukha ng youtube na mabilis ang panahon at MATANDA NA AKO! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
rielxs Park

rielxs Park . 5 months ago

katatapos lang ng 10th year anniversary nilaaaa pero para sakin ito pa rin ang pinakabestttttttt

HOW TO? . 5 months ago

Best Magpasikat evahhh!!
Sakamichi Republic

Sakamichi Republic . 5 months ago

After 10 years eto pa rin ang the best Magpasikat Performance
klara klara

klara klara . 5 months ago

The most creative performance! para sakin wala pang nakakalamang neto
ave maria

ave maria . 5 months ago

best magpasikat ever lol
Shane Maquirang

Shane Maquirang . 5 months ago

Eto yung Magpasikat performance na kahit kailan di ko malimutan ehπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Darling Apple Mae

Darling Apple Mae . 5 months ago

rip replay button😭😭😭
ct bt

ct bt . 5 months ago

Ngayon ko lang nalaman tong magpasikat ng TKJ, ngayon ko lang din napanood. I never knew they made history. I guess the best magpasikat of all time. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Shierly Ann Andino

Shierly Ann Andino . 5 months ago

The best padin talaga to! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ after ko mabasa na ung kay vice ang pinaka the best na magpasikat sinearch ko ulit ito t pinanood . For me the best to! ❀😍 10/27/2019
Aloha Snackar

Aloha Snackar . 5 months ago

sabog siguro nakaisip neto lol
Abegail Bismonte

Abegail Bismonte . 5 months ago

Judge pa lang si Tyang Amy dito oh. Stay strong huhu I still remember nung di pa sila noontime show. So much has changed!
Abegail Bismonte

Abegail Bismonte . 5 months ago

10 years of Magpasikat and this is still my fave.

sweetypie . 5 months ago

The best Magpasikat ever!
The S

The S . 5 months ago

The S

The S . 5 months ago

Still the best and master piece 😁 πŸ‘Œ
Ahszeik Garnet

Ahszeik Garnet . 5 months ago

Still the best and most witty performance in magpasikat history πŸŽ‰πŸ’•πŸ˜˜
bubung pouta

bubung pouta . 5 months ago

This is still the best magpasikat ever!
Moviezone cc

Moviezone cc . 5 months ago

Goosebumps hanggang ngayon. Superb😍
jai Diaz

jai Diaz . 5 months ago

The best talaga to ❀️
Anthony Reid

Anthony Reid . 5 months ago

Kimberly G

Kimberly G . 5 months ago

ito talaga pinaka the best para sakin out of all the magpasikat performances
Tanjayanonz BEST

Tanjayanonz BEST . 5 months ago

Ito yong pinakamaganda sa lahat ng ginawa nila. ^_^
Julia Dominique

Julia Dominique . 5 months ago


Aira . 5 months ago

Panay "who is here after watchinf 2019 magpasikat jugs and teddy and jhong performace" HAHAHAHAHAHSJAKSHA
Hcnsj Ncnnsan

Hcnsj Ncnnsan . 5 months ago

Sayang lang inulit nila this year eh ito ung tumatak ssa madlang people so walang elemnt of surprise
Jhamill Andres

Jhamill Andres . 5 months ago

Dabest talaga to hahah
John Earl Balabat

John Earl Balabat . 5 months ago

One of the wittest and unique magpasikat performance
charlene ΓΉwΓΊ

charlene ΓΉwΓΊ . 5 months ago

this honestly so nostalgic i remember watching this and getting all confused after their performance. then the vtr shows up and ITS LIKE A MAGIC to the kid me.
charlene ΓΉwΓΊ

charlene ΓΉwΓΊ . 5 months ago

2019 and this remains the SUPERIOR magpasikat performance

IAM IRONMAN18 . 5 months ago

Eto pinakadabest na performance sa showtime wala pa nakakalagpas

IAM IRONMAN18 . 5 months ago

Eto pinakadabest na performance sa showtime wala pa nakakalagpas

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