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Ariana Grande - 7 rings



Published on 1 year ago

Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Comments :

Kimmy Bishop

Kimmy Bishop . 50 minutes ago


keyth . 1 hour ago

Person: can i have pls Me: u want it? Person: yes Me: go buy it
filip kasiarz

filip kasiarz . 2 hours ago

Ajei Official

Ajei Official . 2 hours ago

700,000,000M for 7 rings everyone! Let’s stream more ❤️
TallishMonkey 73

TallishMonkey 73 . 2 hours ago


D AS . 2 hours ago

Needing new songs from you Ari 😭
Chandrama Sengupta

Chandrama Sengupta . 2 hours ago

I like your all song
James Gonzalez

James Gonzalez . 2 hours ago

I see just dance 2020 I want it I'm put it back And beg
Livia Medalha

Livia Medalha . 2 hours ago

Livia Medalha

Livia Medalha . 2 hours ago

Livia Medalha

Livia Medalha . 2 hours ago

Livia Medalha

Livia Medalha . 2 hours ago

Vrishti Roy

Vrishti Roy . 3 hours ago

I see it I like it I want it Mom: don't think about it
jose castillo

jose castillo . 3 hours ago

globo man

globo man . 3 hours ago

700 millones pronto
blas jimenez

blas jimenez . 3 hours ago

I love listening to this song before sleeping, and waking up to have a lot of mood. 🤯♥️🔥
azcono 86

azcono 86 . 4 hours ago

Eres una princess
Donghoon 2

Donghoon 2 . 4 hours ago

Is this youtube rewind 2019 music? Lol
Roberto Algañaraz

Roberto Algañaraz . 4 hours ago

Yes ariana grande
câ mî

câ mî . 4 hours ago

https://youtu.be/Ff5SGVmiDOo play ❤️🇦🇷
Reivax's Playground

Reivax's Playground . 4 hours ago

Hard to believe that poop comes out of that beautiful ass every day :v
Rahimah Imah

Rahimah Imah . 5 hours ago

Love 😘😘😘

Quinnster . 5 hours ago

Love it!! Good job!!!
Dalia Irizarry

Dalia Irizarry . 5 hours ago

Wen I see you a went crazy your the best now my favorite singer 👩🏼‍🎤 I so you on TikTok
Lucas Linhares

Lucas Linhares . 5 hours ago

Almost 700M views 😱🔥🔥🔥
Mónica Lucía Albornoz

Mónica Lucía Albornoz . 5 hours ago

Me encanta
Bjorn Vila

Bjorn Vila . 5 hours ago

699M views very nice Great succes!
Nurull Fazrina

Nurull Fazrina . 5 hours ago

Ariana grande😍
Jxng_ shook

Jxng_ shook . 6 hours ago

100✅ 200✅ 300✅ 400✅ 500✅ 600✅ 700
Krista Levesque

Krista Levesque . 6 hours ago

I love your voice
Simone Tsob

Simone Tsob . 6 hours ago

It came out a year ago. It still sounds SO FRESH, like it literally came out yesterday. A fucking ANTHEM
Piolo Calicdan

Piolo Calicdan . 6 hours ago

This song never gets old.
Paul Cabilan

Paul Cabilan . 6 hours ago

700 million views! deserves 7 billion.

OrbGoblin . 6 hours ago

Hmm I really like that backbeat, I kind of wish they'd gone in a darker direction with the lyrics and singing.

윤준원 . 7 hours ago

띠바 담비보고 와따
Ericck Vieira

Ericck Vieira . 7 hours ago

7 rings, 700M views.💍💖🥂
lindsayhn mejia aguilar

lindsayhn mejia aguilar . 7 hours ago

Angie Flores me ha hecho regresar aquí. 😎💙
Ericck Vieira

Ericck Vieira . 7 hours ago

700M is coming 💍💖
luiz felipe

luiz felipe . 7 hours ago

vamo brasilll representar a josiane
Micaele Ribeiro

Micaele Ribeiro . 7 hours ago

I'm from brazil
Frida Figueroa

Frida Figueroa . 7 hours ago

LOVE mariana
Micaele Ribeiro

Micaele Ribeiro . 7 hours ago

What a boring clip Satanic
Epic Kitty Gamer

Epic Kitty Gamer . 8 hours ago

I see it I like it I want it I dropped it it broke Now I hate it
Ana Lucia Generoso Fernandes

Ana Lucia Generoso Fernandes . 8 hours ago

Happy birthady 7 rings 1 ano depois
Angel y Angie.

Angel y Angie. . 8 hours ago

Like si ablas español y no entiendes la canción pero aún haci está buena la cancion
Adam BillieEilishFan

Adam BillieEilishFan . 8 hours ago

Am i the only one who thinks she's the most beutifull girl in the world and Has huge crush on her
Theus Zzz

Theus Zzz . 8 hours ago

700 no 😍😍😍😍😍😍
The Avocado Whisperer

The Avocado Whisperer . 8 hours ago

I love Ari and Im not trying to sound hateful, but atm her fake tan is making her look as dark and people like Nikki Manaj just sayin, like look at the pic of then together. I dont want to go as far as saying she is blackfishing but like just calm down on that fake tan girl! Like Ari is so beautiful without all of that, have you seen that Vogue cover where she has blonde hair and pale skin and freckles she looks GORGEOUS!!! ❤️❤️😁

abouthankunext . 8 hours ago

Who come here before 700 Million ?

NikolaMCBalkan . 9 hours ago

I see it, I like it, I want it, I ask mom, I can't get it.

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