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FNAF 2: The Puppet music box

The Puppet Master

The Puppet Master

Published on 5 years ago

Comments :

Lily Fnaf

Lily Fnaf . 14 hours ago

James Urgiles

James Urgiles . 16 hours ago

Me thinking in my mind
Poyo frito

Poyo frito . 1 day ago

My grandfhater clock
BBC Bryce

BBC Bryce . 2 days ago

Pull out the coup at the lot... Sorry wrong song
Ana Julia

Ana Julia . 2 days ago

Vai se Dana
FNaF Candy Cadet

FNaF Candy Cadet . 2 days ago

Jhonathan Wright

Jhonathan Wright . 3 days ago

N o s t a l a g i a

Makultra . 3 days ago

ngl, this beat go hard though.
Rafaelo Martinez

Rafaelo Martinez . 5 days ago

My grandfather's clock

FriZad . 5 days ago

My lyrics: Why do you even come in here In Freddy Fazbear's Do you really know whats happening? In this pizzaria I control, the animals that wants to roam in night.
Universo Sonic

Universo Sonic . 6 days ago


Leaxhe . 1 week ago

Spring Trap

Spring Trap . 1 week ago

Hi puppet *creepy laugh*
Spoods _

Spoods _ . 1 week ago

Me and the Bois when we kill our murderer and he's in an ultimate custom night

Luna. . 2 weeks ago

I like ballora’s music box better
Fatmagül Aksu

Fatmagül Aksu . 2 weeks ago

how can you sleep with this? it gives me- A N X I E T Y
Pokemon Trainer Red

Pokemon Trainer Red . 2 weeks ago

This makes me feel calm Maybe im the puppet
Sayson Gaming

Sayson Gaming . 3 weeks ago

I Like It
A random user On a website

A random user On a website . 3 weeks ago

1,000 people forgot to wind the music box

DovahRS . 3 weeks ago

Coll of kids Coll of kids 2

Coll of kids Coll of kids 2 . 3 weeks ago

He's so annoying to deal with
Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced . 3 weeks ago

This tune became a hundred times more creepy when playing night terrors in FNAF VR: Help Wanted

xT0rn_ . 3 weeks ago

This is Grandfathers Clock song

AquaticEntity . 3 weeks ago

I'm not a fan of FNAF but my best freind was playing FNAF 2 and I instantly recognized this music box song from a baby DVD I still had. (Baby Einstein, in case anyone here knows) The music in the DVD didn't sound exactly the same but the way the song was played, it had the same notes and exact same rhythm. While I'm sure this was just a stock tune and a weird coincidence, my friend and I took it as a sign that we were destined to be best friends. :)
Lol 99

Lol 99 . 3 weeks ago

Weird to see this was 5 years ago
Ali Rad

Ali Rad . 3 weeks ago

3:18 what the fuck happend to the sound there?
Ebrahiem Alsaadi

Ebrahiem Alsaadi . 3 weeks ago

Ebrahiem Alsaadi

Ebrahiem Alsaadi . 3 weeks ago

Ebrahiem Alsaadi

Ebrahiem Alsaadi . 3 weeks ago

jaszmine devaughn

jaszmine devaughn . 3 weeks ago

i love the music

Zizzurp . 4 weeks ago

I always hated this fucker

Phophophylite . 4 weeks ago

*Anxiety intensifies*
Oddball Productions

Oddball Productions . 4 weeks ago

When you have to keep this wound or a creepy ass puppet kills you!

Aoxo . 4 weeks ago

I showed this to my son now is a puppet
Shep the redacted

Shep the redacted . 4 weeks ago

i hate this song so much because of its mechanic no jumpscare = good so this song is good but whenever i hear something simillar to it while playing a fnaf game i will literally cry oh god nightmarionne is in my house
linares dish

linares dish . 4 weeks ago

Nice vídeo :0
Some Random Dummy

Some Random Dummy . 4 weeks ago

Thanks for adding background music to my Spring Bonnie suit nightmares
Camila Rodriguez

Camila Rodriguez . 4 weeks ago

Puppet is grirl puppet es niña

Mr.Fear . 4 weeks ago

I have fallen asleep once while listening...
Suzi Kane

Suzi Kane . 4 weeks ago

I call it the puppet

Dingodile . 4 weeks ago

Good old days of fnaf
Teo Sim

Teo Sim . 4 weeks ago

My lyrics : From the purple man we have died From the purple man we have cried But you shall fill his place on our little revenge
Mr Kotik

Mr Kotik . 4 weeks ago

YeniSon Nava

YeniSon Nava . 4 weeks ago

Theres a lot of fnaf puppets
Jonaxyx !

Jonaxyx ! . 4 weeks ago

What dream
Raichu BREAK

Raichu BREAK . 4 weeks ago

When this stops, Lord pray the puppet is still at prize corner
Information,game fun Indonesia

Information,game fun Indonesia . 4 weeks ago

Me:ah,I want to sleep Music box:*Stop* Me:*puppet jumpscare*
Jaroslav Kyselka

Jaroslav Kyselka . 1 month ago

THE Puppet

THE Puppet . 1 month ago

Yes is song box of puppet
Rey the puppet

Rey the puppet . 1 month ago

Puppet: I love this. This helps me sleep. :D

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