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Descendants 3 Soundtrack - (All Songs)

Descendants Lyrics

Descendants Lyrics

Published on 6 months ago


Comments :

Nancy Adel

Nancy Adel . 4 months ago

Leave a like if you miss CB ( CAMERON BOYCE ) 😘😘
Lesly Perez

Lesly Perez . 2 weeks ago

i love cb
Valdecira Cira

Valdecira Cira . 2 weeks ago

Amo descendentes 123😍😍

sambuka316 . 2 weeks ago

Victoria Weathers

Victoria Weathers . 2 weeks ago

Good night
Zainub Aaliyah

Zainub Aaliyah . 2 weeks ago

Love you 😇
Aurora Lumpkins

Aurora Lumpkins . 2 weeks ago

Every-time i hear Cameron aka Carlos it makes me cry! 😢😢😭😭😭😭 ( and you did a great job on this! :)
Nene Bobo Mane

Nene Bobo Mane . 2 weeks ago

i miss you carlos❤❤❤😥😪😢😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Addy Marshall

Addy Marshall . 2 weeks ago

i loved this music
Paige Peberdy

Paige Peberdy . 2 weeks ago

Watch desenens
April sue Aka ape,

April sue Aka ape, . 2 weeks ago

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson . 2 weeks ago

I love these songs ❤❤❤
Missy Jay

Missy Jay . 2 weeks ago

My dad was a great day and night and day , I am going on 9th , and then the rest of your life and I will try and get it is 9th 7-Eleven I was just 7-Eleven I was a
liquid snake

liquid snake . 2 weeks ago

Love the song so much
Katie Sinuita

Katie Sinuita . 2 weeks ago

Love it 😻
Taylor Rupright

Taylor Rupright . 2 weeks ago

I love dove Cameron and would love to meet her in real life. She inspires me to sing.
Audrey Le Pigeon

Audrey Le Pigeon . 2 weeks ago

👗👜👠👑🌊⚽️⚾️🐶💜🖤🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 je suis votre fanette de vous
julia collinson

julia collinson . 2 weeks ago

Zack and Sarah Greenwood

Zack and Sarah Greenwood . 2 weeks ago

I love Cameron Boyce
Kira Søe Buch

Kira Søe Buch . 2 weeks ago

project zorgo is watching

project zorgo is watching . 2 weeks ago

cameron gone rest and peace in heavan like if agree 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻 👇🏻
kelly pinches

kelly pinches . 2 weeks ago

I just wanna be in descendants because l love it so much 🤍💙💜💛
Gabriela cano román

Gabriela cano román . 2 weeks ago

I like descendants , it´s my favorite movie :)
Roland Uttenreuther

Roland Uttenreuther . 2 weeks ago

My Favorit song is one kiss
Amie May

Amie May . 2 weeks ago

I love descedance
julia collinson

julia collinson . 2 weeks ago


JAIME VERONA . 2 weeks ago

I like descendants 😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😍
Joseph Wilcox

Joseph Wilcox . 2 weeks ago

Who's singing rotten to the core they sound weird are they monsters
Janet Rodriguez

Janet Rodriguez . 2 weeks ago

This is how many people love descedants 3
Joe Whipple

Joe Whipple . 2 weeks ago

who,s Cameron Boyce?
Myah Davis

Myah Davis . 2 weeks ago

Love it
Myah Davis

Myah Davis . 2 weeks ago

Love it
Darlene Senteno

Darlene Senteno . 3 weeks ago

Davion Stevenson

Davion Stevenson . 3 weeks ago

Leave a like miss Cameron Boyce miss you Cameron ❤️😔
Gonzalez PSC

Gonzalez PSC . 3 weeks ago

Am your fannnnnnnnnnn dove camerin is mayn fan
Erik Wells

Erik Wells . 3 weeks ago

My once of time do not sound like the one in descendantn3
Doughnut the hamster

Doughnut the hamster . 3 weeks ago

it is literally just a collection of songs what's the point in disliking
adriana rodriguez

adriana rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

what's your favorite  song mines My Once Upon A Time and then Night Falls then Do What You gotta do!
Chan Thea Oum

Chan Thea Oum . 3 weeks ago

U forgot set it off
Laura forever

Laura forever . 3 weeks ago

Comming a descendants 4?
Osvaldo Carrizo

Osvaldo Carrizo . 3 weeks ago

R.i.p Cameron boys >:(
Oscar Medina

Oscar Medina . 3 weeks ago

Love you Dove Cameron you are the baddest descendants three people say that your dad to
Oscar Medina

Oscar Medina . 3 weeks ago

Love you Dove Cameron
Kiki Rodriguez

Kiki Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

Diego Miranda

Diego Miranda . 3 weeks ago

Amelia Carrillo Martinez

Amelia Carrillo Martinez . 3 weeks ago

Que canciónes tan chidas
safoura banihashemian

safoura banihashemian . 3 weeks ago

I don't want anyone to replace Camron bioce I'm my mums daughter I looovvveee descendants it's my fav movie
safoura banihashemian

safoura banihashemian . 3 weeks ago

I'm really sad about him he died
Mya Fredericks

Mya Fredericks . 3 weeks ago

Hey y'all leave a like if you miss Cameron I'm so sadddddd
Janet Rodriguez

Janet Rodriguez . 3 weeks ago

1 . Good to be bad 2. Oueen of mean 3. Do what you gotta do 4. Night falls 5. One kiss 6. My once upon 7. Break this town 8 . Did l mention10. Happy birthday 11.vk mashup 12 .descendant3 score suite🌈

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