Birdman checks in With Nick Cannon and addresses how to handle disrespectful interviews and changing the culture of respect in hip-hop, talks being the original "Baby" in rap, and talks Cash Money Records impact in music and new ventures into film.

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K B . 6 days ago

Birdman put change on many heads in the day. Never did the work himself. Nothing but a greedy murderer
Elliot Ness

Elliot Ness . 2 weeks ago

Nobody can bigg you up like Nick and Sway periodt.
Craig Becker

Craig Becker . 3 weeks ago

Straight S L E E P I N G. ON. CASKEY. god Damn!
Kiko Tru

Kiko Tru . 3 weeks ago

Saviii3rd πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Colleen Bowerman

Colleen Bowerman . 3 weeks ago

Geeezzz.....Nick Cannon might as well have sucked Birdman's dick in this interview. It's one thing to compliment anothers skills and talents but this is on a whole other level. Relax Nick!!!

K W . 4 weeks ago

Nick Cannon will blow anyone for the paper. Calls Em #2 Goat, then comes up with lame rhymes about β€œhe’ll never be a legend”.?? Like a sensitive puppy looking for a hug in the world πŸ˜‚

50 RACKZ-A-SLAP . 4 weeks ago

This was a dope azz interview Nick & Stunna, I read too and I know about P.I.M.P. by Iceberg Slim aka Robert Beck. I can't wait to see the FILM yall ! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ€πŸ’ͺ🀟
David Whittaker

David Whittaker . 4 weeks ago

David Whittaker

David Whittaker . 4 weeks ago

David Whittaker

David Whittaker . 4 weeks ago

Birdman that's the real birdman

Beeniecris . 1 month ago

Great Video / interview ⚜️

Shocker99 . 1 month ago

Shots fired to the Breakfast Club?

Shocker99 . 1 month ago

Nick Cannon feeling Birdman on his tonsils.
Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts . 1 month ago

Baby you need Chuck Taylor Gizzle on your label
Stonewall Jackson

Stonewall Jackson . 1 month ago

Put some respeck up on his name, All 🌲 of yall
Dalila & Dejan Naj Jaci

Dalila & Dejan Naj Jaci . 1 month ago

two clowns
Genorous1 Life

Genorous1 Life . 1 month ago

Why he rubbing on birdman back like that hmm
scarf emup

scarf emup . 1 month ago

Aye nick at 4:18 pretty much said "baby aint gona punk me"
Jose Sandoval

Jose Sandoval . 1 month ago

WTH bird man didn’t even talk
LaKeisha Hill

LaKeisha Hill . 2 months ago

Birdman I need To Holla at you ASAP.... FR ... FR ..
LaKeisha Hill

LaKeisha Hill . 2 months ago

I didn't know Nick had a Morning 🌞 Show.. lol πŸ˜†
LaKeisha Hill

LaKeisha Hill . 2 months ago

I need to Holla At you ASAP
LaKeisha Hill

LaKeisha Hill . 2 months ago

Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez . 2 months ago

Mike Bubb

Mike Bubb . 2 months ago

Nick talked more than Birdman did
Sincere I am

Sincere I am . 2 months ago

I wonder if its going to have black women who look black in it. You know how Nick is. 😏
Mister Henderson

Mister Henderson . 2 months ago

Most successful record of all time? Guess they forgot about DEF JAM
Imty Ray

Imty Ray . 2 months ago

Nick is a whore bitch he ain't no man
New Walk

New Walk . 2 months ago

I rem early 2000's CMB records used to drop videos back to back smh definitely hip hop πŸ’―βœ”
Jim Loughnane

Jim Loughnane . 2 months ago

Nick Callen knows nothing Babyface was the 1st+ Sony records sold five times as much as baby
Mike Warren

Mike Warren . 2 months ago

Much love & respect to the OG Birdman.
Mob Prince

Mob Prince . 2 months ago

Give his soul for it. Wrong words Baby.
Dustin Surprises

Dustin Surprises . 2 months ago

Baby not seeing any other color but GREEN

RED IN YOUR BED . 2 months ago

Cannon kissing to much ass
Tre King

Tre King . 2 months ago

Every rapper at some point in time wanted to be a stunna like Birdman #1Stunna
J Perez

J Perez . 2 months ago

I got mad love and respect for nick dont get me wrong but WHEW he talks way to much and fast as hell. slow down and let baby talk and answer some questions with out adlibbin or cutting him off sheesh
Ashley Barbery

Ashley Barbery . 2 months ago

He owns 90% of his masters that unheard of #salute😨
Realdealchris S

Realdealchris S . 2 months ago

Nick talks too much in these interviews let the artist talk more please
Leeroy Mayweather Cana

Leeroy Mayweather Cana . 2 months ago

Nick Cannon shut up... Let him talk... What the hell
Larry Powell

Larry Powell . 2 months ago

Birdman the spark of the flame that lit the hot boys inferno all them boys I should respect that Man 1 million percent and that's πŸ’― I'm a five-star G cash money whoadie.
Jay Jay

Jay Jay . 2 months ago

Nick kissing ass to make a movie lol
Jamal Davis

Jamal Davis . 2 months ago

BiG ups to Nick Cannon real is rare and this guy is a stand up KinG

. 2 months ago

Jimmie BandS

Jimmie BandS . 2 months ago

Is the cameraman breathing hard? Or am I trippin? πŸ₯΄
Jamaal Mitchell

Jamaal Mitchell . 2 months ago

Yoooo I have a plan for "Pimp" I wish you'd hit me up.
Stacy Butler

Stacy Butler . 2 months ago

😐 Wendy DAY everybody act like she wasn’t around making sure ppl in hip hop get the right deal ...Blueface πŸ˜‚going 2 sleep
Timmy G

Timmy G . 2 months ago

Nick might as well interview himself on his own show coz he never let the guests talk lol ...stunna could have dropped some gem but no Nick talks too much. Still cool thoπŸ‘πŸΏ
Kenneth Haywood Jr

Kenneth Haywood Jr . 2 months ago

Great Positive interview....Nick keep.up the positive work.
H_ G.B.

H_ G.B. . 2 months ago

All that money yet he can't pay producers, artists or his mortgage. Foh
Rio Mar

Rio Mar . 2 months ago

Why these vloggers be sucking these artist off

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