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Gully bop on a shopping spree

Imran Ricketts

Imran Ricketts

Published on 5 years ago

Gully bop on a shopping spree

Comments :

Janey Alexander

Janey Alexander . 3 years ago

Imran Ricketts

Imran Ricketts . 4 years ago

from rags to riches people a true uno broke don't bad mind the Bob before you diss declare weh you have
Alexand alexander

Alexand alexander . 4 years ago

shopping spree wheres the shopping?
david brown

david brown . 5 years ago

gully bob a waste man,bare fuckery him keep up
Jah ka

Jah ka . 5 years ago

Its your money spend it
Krazy Babes

Krazy Babes . 5 years ago

buy yu clothes ya mi fren.FULJOY YU MONEY
Amv Crazy

Amv Crazy . 5 years ago

the woman acting like she dont wnat fi tek the money she look poor like

Shortythepresident . 5 years ago

Look at the leeches...... He'll be dead broke and back to digging yam in less than a years time. Then we'll see who come check for him.
lavish headshot

lavish headshot . 5 years ago

how yuh mean spend  dwag 

AnnaFancypants . 5 years ago

is this guy famous =p in jamaica? lol this video popped up on my feed :D who is he?

JA PATRIOT . 5 years ago

jah know bredda mi happy fi you just gwaan do u tin gully bop haters a go drop while you a rise like the morning sun
Simone Johnson

Simone Johnson . 5 years ago

Gully wata really reach a sea.spread y wings me Breda.or time flyyyyyyyyyyy.upupupup
Maxine Thomas

Maxine Thomas . 5 years ago

May God Bless and Protect him and is Queen...
Have Faith

Have Faith . 5 years ago

bomboclaat gi d man breathing space and dash weh d ole camera out a d man face unuh thirsty bombo stp follow up d man fi him money like some annoying paparazzi 
Juvey Hamilton

Juvey Hamilton . 5 years ago

Gully Bop doh stop shop a bloodclaat, all yuh do is just save some. People treat you according to how you are dressed suh shop out bloodclaat an put yuhself togedda. Don't pay the naysayers any mind, it's not gonna be easy bcuz there's going to be a lot of them, but Juvey is praying for you and your team for continued strength on this journey. Big up Gully Bop Bop Bop!!!! 
JustPlay Dude

JustPlay Dude . 5 years ago

them need fi leave Gully Bop meck the man fly.


Clean we seh man a talk bout man mouth like a in thing man a look ina man mouth wat a singthing


Leave the BLOODCLAT man and save fi unuh little bit caau caa carry money when u dead go suck unuh mother and go look something do
Ninja Vybz

Ninja Vybz . 5 years ago

big up gully bop real youth
draaek alonzo

draaek alonzo . 5 years ago

Why the fuck people so badmind jesus Christ unu cant just die and make the world a better place sighs

rastaman65 . 5 years ago

Gully yu seh yu deh pon shopping spree . yu need fi guh pon a teete  shopping spree
Lateria Holmes

Lateria Holmes . 5 years ago

That man need to shop,he has to have clothes for crying out loud.People need stop being negative!

kevin . 5 years ago

Stop shopping n start saving yr money real talk.

cormega74 . 5 years ago

He doesn't even know shoes come in sizes..lol
Brian Couture

Brian Couture . 5 years ago

boi ..  stalker den a trail di bop  ...  dis fi go pun tmz to bloodclaat

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