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Truth Hurts - Lizzo (lyrics)

Zul Legend

Zul Legend

Published on 2 years ago


Comments :

Ethan Salas

Ethan Salas . 3 hours ago

This comment section is absolute aids
Misty Smith

Misty Smith . 15 hours ago

this song is the BEST!
Heather Samuels

Heather Samuels . 20 hours ago

"Noncommittal", not knock the middle and "bomb lighting" not bon lighting.
Kavithu Khanal

Kavithu Khanal . 22 hours ago

I think its not commital....not (not the middle)
Free Spirit 1101

Free Spirit 1101 . 1 day ago

I love this song !!!!
Kameron Mcgraw

Kameron Mcgraw . 1 day ago

Good job kamerin
Makayla Joseph

Makayla Joseph . 1 day ago

I love this song soooooooo much
Duolingo Owl

Duolingo Owl . 2 days ago

This song makes me wanna kill people who don’t go on their Spanish lesson
Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross . 3 days ago

Love this song
Declan Kennedy

Declan Kennedy . 3 days ago

This is also my first time listening to Lizzie and she's actually pretty cool too though people of YouTube
Elyse Terreri

Elyse Terreri . 3 days ago

I love the font you used
Pete Garcia

Pete Garcia . 3 days ago

Every time I hear the chorus of this song, I hear "Black Beatles". 🤔
Chris E

Chris E . 4 days ago

Lol it's non-commital lol not knock the middle
Ant The Mountain Biker

Ant The Mountain Biker . 4 days ago

Does she ever stop eating?
Amina Harris

Amina Harris . 5 days ago

Since I was left this week this is my anthem for the rest of the year.
tommy mcelroy

tommy mcelroy . 5 days ago

This song makes me feel like a strong woman and I am not
Shadow Danger

Shadow Danger . 6 days ago

Who else saw the condom AD
Josh Russo

Josh Russo . 1 week ago

This song is 💩
Billie’s Missing Avocado

Billie’s Missing Avocado . 1 week ago

My best friend to me when I get my girl back:I WILL NEVA EVA BE YOUR SIDE CHICK
Mark Smith

Mark Smith . 1 week ago

Is it wrong for me wanting to dance to this song even though this is a song blatantly directing at us men from a heart broken woman.
Scott Wakeling

Scott Wakeling . 1 week ago

This song makes me want to over eat and probably get type 2 diabetes just like lizzo
iiikawaii__ queen

iiikawaii__ queen . 1 week ago

I thought it was “ I just took a dna test turns out I’m 100% bad b*tch” 😬😬
Jayden The Gonzalez

Jayden The Gonzalez . 1 week ago

Song not epic
Dusty Negron

Dusty Negron . 1 week ago

She’s crazy the way sounds
Valerie Kendall

Valerie Kendall . 1 week ago

You forgot a line L I N E

BeastMaster210 . 2 weeks ago

Oh my friend 👎🏾lol 😂🤣Im frontin him anyway🤷🏾‍♂️
Jay Minner

Jay Minner . 2 weeks ago

This lowkey sounds like black Beatles
Justin F

Justin F . 2 weeks ago

“You could have had a bad bitch knock the middle” What the actual fuck does that even mean? Knock the middle can’t possibly be what anyone else is hearing right??? 110% she says “You could have had a bad bitch, NONCOMMITTAL”
Victoria Widner

Victoria Widner . 2 weeks ago

If you're here from fresh off a breakup: He ain't shit, sis you're better off.
I need to stop

I need to stop . 2 weeks ago

i rlly dont know why im listening to this, i hate lizzo so much but this song is stuck in my head
Janine Jones

Janine Jones . 2 weeks ago

I love it
Lizzy Pollard

Lizzy Pollard . 2 weeks ago

LB Abstract Art

LB Abstract Art . 2 weeks ago

Knock the middle 😂😂😂😂 *non committal"
Nicholas Bersito

Nicholas Bersito . 2 weeks ago

I love this song I’m hooked on Lizzie now
Latisha Timberlake

Latisha Timberlake . 2 weeks ago

I hate this song so fucking much it’s stupid

OP SINGH . 2 weeks ago

Billy McAllister

Billy McAllister . 2 weeks ago

I just took a DNA TEST turns out im a 100 percent a lizzo fan
Serenity Heart

Serenity Heart . 2 weeks ago

Lies hurt too.

jryan700 . 2 weeks ago

Worst song of the decade
Tracy Buis

Tracy Buis . 2 weeks ago

I know this song by heart
Tracy Buis

Tracy Buis . 2 weeks ago

This song gives me a bad bitch
Kaylee Cahalin

Kaylee Cahalin . 2 weeks ago

100% weeb

100% weeb . 2 weeks ago

2020 still🔥🔥
Terra Mosley

Terra Mosley . 2 weeks ago

papyrus font undertale

ZeroFox75 . 2 weeks ago

The thing that hurts most is this was set is papyrus 🤢🤢

KingSlayer96 . 2 weeks ago

The question is: *Why Men Great 'Til They Gotta Be Great?*
Darrell Jackson

Darrell Jackson . 2 weeks ago

Pretty sure ots non committal lol
Vanessa Martinez

Vanessa Martinez . 3 weeks ago

Jessica Zeller

Jessica Zeller . 3 weeks ago

Knock the middle is incorrect. The correct lyric is “noncommittal.”
Danika Middleton

Danika Middleton . 3 weeks ago

Its non-committal not knock in the middle and it is bomb lighting

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