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Lil Boosie ft. Webbie: Betrayed



Published on 6 years ago

Comments :

Mackboi Chris

Mackboi Chris . 6 days ago

Still the Hardest shit Out ... 2020
Epithany Reighn

Epithany Reighn . 2 weeks ago

Some niggas really think they got 9lives Webbie and Boosie go hard together 2020 still rock to this
Jose Kuz

Jose Kuz . 4 weeks ago

Oscar Medrano

Oscar Medrano . 1 month ago

Willie Merritt

Willie Merritt . 1 month ago

Aaahh Player Fly Poppin out cha
Prosper Martin

Prosper Martin . 1 month ago

2019 still this still my stuff
Angela Byers

Angela Byers . 1 month ago

Goin into 2020
Chivonne Phillips

Chivonne Phillips . 1 month ago

Praying for you kings queens Jesus name
Derimie Payton

Derimie Payton . 2 months ago

Brian Perez

Brian Perez . 2 months ago

This shit fye
Terrell Collins

Terrell Collins . 3 months ago

This a true MGTOW anthem. Fuck em All get ya paper up fellas.
Aigner Wright

Aigner Wright . 4 months ago

Webbie should have said i think my nigga tried to kill me that's some fucked up shit💔
Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561

Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561 . 4 months ago

Real G-Shit 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tee Bee

Tee Bee . 4 months ago

If I love ya, it aint no question... I'll give my last 👌 One day this heart gone get me zipped up in a bodybag 💯
Jaquez Simpkins

Jaquez Simpkins . 4 months ago

Whose still in September 2019
Shaimek Beatty

Shaimek Beatty . 5 months ago

Joshua Young

Joshua Young . 5 months ago

My daughter almost died man it all seemed wrong Only thing good is my dawg came home!!
Joshua Young

Joshua Young . 5 months ago

Webbie verse still give me chill after all these years.. truth in every single word he spit
hi-liter Green

hi-liter Green . 5 months ago

Boosie Boo....this song from the Incarcerated album....realer than a MF
Adam Tims

Adam Tims . 5 months ago

Fuck em
nina fulton

nina fulton . 6 months ago

Brittany Corbin

Brittany Corbin . 6 months ago

Family had my kids taken from me an my home n my animals they are the wprst ppl n my life im so cold hearted towards them. An as soon as my babies get to come back to me thwy gonna wanna be all sorry nah fuck them just me n my babies from here on out

flávinho . 7 months ago

Lil Boosie dang his his it's paid.
manjil k

manjil k . 7 months ago


Yesir . 7 months ago

Still a banger
Felecia Edwards

Felecia Edwards . 7 months ago

2019 and this Forever my shiihhhh
Tiffany Kaulaity

Tiffany Kaulaity . 8 months ago

Love you guero
Jessica. M. Salcedo C

Jessica. M. Salcedo C . 8 months ago

His hard
James Goodwine

James Goodwine . 8 months ago

You in weeb is home te Team bro you 2 need to get back you are like method. In red tru shit

Rosaslit . 8 months ago

This is alright some it’s fucking good !!!!!!
Incredibly Vivid

Incredibly Vivid . 9 months ago

Lil boosie.
Jovanpena TV

Jovanpena TV . 9 months ago

That's why I wake up & say fuck em! That's right💪🏾🖕🏽
EazzyMoney Productions

EazzyMoney Productions . 9 months ago

still jammin ,still relatable
Shay Collins

Shay Collins . 10 months ago


Dee . 10 months ago

💯father god i been betrayed

Brenda . 10 months ago

Been there..i relate
Johnnie O

Johnnie O . 10 months ago

woop brazy

woop brazy . 10 months ago

Who listing to dis shit in 2019? Nah Fr fr 💯
Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez . 10 months ago

Real Nice
Paulie Gamez

Paulie Gamez . 10 months ago

Danny Kinney

Danny Kinney . 11 months ago

A rat will always be a 🐀
LovelyLiveyour Life

LovelyLiveyour Life . 11 months ago

I feel every word but i learn from all my mistakes
Jameka m

Jameka m . 11 months ago

I love this song
Tazmanian Devil

Tazmanian Devil . 11 months ago

Webbie verse was the BEST
Tazmanian Devil

Tazmanian Devil . 11 months ago

My mind gone my heart mad my soul so pissed
Paulie Gamez

Paulie Gamez . 11 months ago

Theresa elie

Theresa elie . 11 months ago

G 53

G 53 . 12 months ago

Harold Brumfield

Harold Brumfield . 12 months ago

Who ever been betrayed feel dis fa sho
Ben Timber

Ben Timber . 1 year ago

Sleeping on this song.

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