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The Heart Wants What It Wants- Selena Gomez Choreography

chelsea Ray

chelsea Ray

Published on 5 years ago

This was a spur of the moment video Ory Bailey and I put together. The choreography was inspired by a little heart-ache of mine... Enjoy

Comments :

Esha Minj

Esha Minj . 2 years ago

I love this
Ryuji Omote

Ryuji Omote . 2 years ago

The Heart Wants What It Wants- Selena Gomez Choreography https://youtu.be/YtpV9Pf4Mhw
nayeli ocampo

nayeli ocampo . 3 years ago

woooo que bonitass 😍
Eikka Dance VEVO

Eikka Dance VEVO . 3 years ago

love it
Unofficial Video Maker

Unofficial Video Maker . 3 years ago

plzplz plz make a tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mauricio laiton

Mauricio laiton . 4 years ago

Tutoriall ?
Megan F

Megan F . 4 years ago

Mari Chat

Mari Chat . 4 years ago

make a tutorial
jamyle carrasco

jamyle carrasco . 4 years ago

please do a tutorial this is my favorite video
Kainat Azhar

Kainat Azhar . 4 years ago

Amazing😘memorized by heart
Dámaris Moreno

Dámaris Moreno . 4 years ago

me gusta !!
Samira Alava

Samira Alava . 5 years ago

Tutoriallll :3
Naomi Pastrian

Naomi Pastrian . 5 years ago

me gusto 😊
Yassmin Abirad

Yassmin Abirad . 5 years ago


Micaela . 5 years ago

oh my god so amazing <3
Tem de Tudo

Tem de Tudo . 5 years ago

Muito bom!
Thaïs C.

Thaïs C. . 5 years ago

Ohmeguh, this song and this dance are just....fuck!!! XD
kaitlyn kristine

kaitlyn kristine . 5 years ago

Omg! This is my fav dance to this song. Please do a tutorial!!
Eduardo Vazquez

Eduardo Vazquez . 5 years ago


asianchickdancer96 . 5 years ago

Great dance moves and on the beat to each move. I love it :)

Mirai . 5 years ago

tutorial plzzz!!!!! 
Abigail Null

Abigail Null . 5 years ago

Tutorial Please!! Love itttt Werkkk
Jamie Renee'

Jamie Renee' . 5 years ago


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