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MYRNE - Confessions (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) [Monstercat Release]

Monstercat: Uncaged

Monstercat: Uncaged

Published on 2 years ago

🎧 Support on all platforms: https://Monstercat.lnk.to/Confessions

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Genre: Electronic

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Comments :

Monstercat: Uncaged

Monstercat: Uncaged . 2 years ago

MYRNE and Cozi make a perfect combo, and a perfect song!
Wai Man Woo

Wai Man Woo . 2 days ago

Did anyone else get here by clicking the description below in one of grape' s vidreos?
Lorenz Silao

Lorenz Silao . 2 days ago

Whos here of GrapeApple sauce's intro???

BloodVortex . 6 days ago

That lead in the drop O_o

maxsoo12 . 6 days ago


FireChickenCraft . 1 week ago

1:12 Grapeapplesauce intro ok
Anthony Figueroa

Anthony Figueroa . 2 weeks ago

1:07 beat drops 3:03
Unicorn Sparkle

Unicorn Sparkle . 2 weeks ago

wjeossej4irow4jie224 sadsad

wjeossej4irow4jie224 sadsad . 2 weeks ago

Who’s here from grapeapplesauce
Sensei Shizuka

Sensei Shizuka . 4 weeks ago

Omg finally found this song!!!🔥🔥
Diane Nauer

Diane Nauer . 1 month ago

The music in your head when you get a 100 on a test or quiz 1:14

jaycrystal1000 . 1 month ago

That drop so hard that Donald trumps Hair fell off XDDD

renowned_G . 1 month ago

Anyone here from redorangesauce? Or am I the only one

Julz_Plays . 1 month ago

1:12 Is it just me or I heard the n word?

FaeFox . 1 month ago

I found this from another youtuber called GrapeAppleSauce. Its really cool.
Masquerade Kim

Masquerade Kim . 2 months ago


Zycriptiz . 2 months ago

quite a beat

goodness . 2 months ago

The best beat drop in the *world*
Lil Rayson

Lil Rayson . 2 months ago

so cool

sKyL . 2 months ago


projectdelta50 . 2 months ago

Linus Tech Tips brought me here

VLADO 35K . 2 months ago

F for who not find this music F.

McShadey . 2 months ago

I'm old but I came from Muselk
Hailee vanleysen

Hailee vanleysen . 2 months ago

Afterdark's sister

LorJot . 2 months ago

Anyone else think the background gives off a strong dishonerd theme. No just me okay lmao
Danny The Traceur

Danny The Traceur . 2 months ago

Who the fuk is grapleapplesauce?
Alexander Black

Alexander Black . 2 months ago

Grape for the win
Vihar Contractor

Vihar Contractor . 2 months ago

Sounds like something they would use in an iPhone ad.
Some Angry Potato

Some Angry Potato . 3 months ago

Y’know what imma say it. Thus video is 4:20 minutes long... heh
Xuân Bách

Xuân Bách . 3 months ago

Love That Drop
Spencer Huang

Spencer Huang . 3 months ago

IDK why but grape has the best intro ever
carlos corndog

carlos corndog . 3 months ago

Mr. hax619

Mr. hax619 . 3 months ago

I call grape GrapeyAppleNessSauceyNess

sampsondog13 . 3 months ago

omg the beat drops in this song tho

dunetchan . 3 months ago

78% Of The Comments: Grapeapplesuace Fan’s Comments 13% Of The Comments: About Other Whatever Stuff 9% Of The Comments: Actually About The Vid (P.S. I’m A Grape Fan! Hope You Guys Have A *Grape* Day! :D)
Elaine ?! YTB 7228

Elaine ?! YTB 7228 . 3 months ago

Who's from grapeapplesauze?

Twitch_xCLuTcH . 3 months ago

Bowmaster Playz

Bowmaster Playz . 3 months ago

1:10 grapes intro 0:10 grapes outro

KRaantje625 . 3 months ago

Hailee vanleysen

Hailee vanleysen . 3 months ago

We need Myrne & Martin Garrix

Drago . 3 months ago

Ted Bear

Ted Bear . 4 months ago

this track is god awful. I would be embarrassed for you if you played this for me 1/10 The only thing good about this is the vocals period.
Superboy 2008

Superboy 2008 . 4 months ago

My fav song thanks sooo much for making iiiit!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Paco C pillin

Paco C pillin . 4 months ago

Sri Sumarni

Sri Sumarni . 4 months ago

Reina Arana

Reina Arana . 4 months ago

I didn’t know cozi could sing Shit she’s really good
Mustafa - Blockman Go

Mustafa - Blockman Go . 4 months ago

*Grapeapplesauce* intro song
Dana Nguyen

Dana Nguyen . 4 months ago

Who came here cuz of grape
ahmed Hero

ahmed Hero . 4 months ago

This song on grapeapplesause intro bretty good
KдТi ШгighТ ??????

KдТi ШгighТ ?????? . 4 months ago

Who came here from grapeapplesauce

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