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Fire - Jessie J (Lyrics)

Kai San

Kai San

Published on 5 years ago

Fire - Jessie J (Lyrics)

Comments :

Sir Henry

Sir Henry . 4 months ago

👏 👏 👏
si ninho

si ninho . 12 months ago

Em 2015 eu ouvia essa musica todos os dias! Amo forte!
Rina x25x

Rina x25x . 1 year ago

Amazing Jessi J
nobody business

nobody business . 1 year ago

Am I the only one that watched it on her channel??😕 love this tho😍😍
Evan Wright

Evan Wright . 2 years ago

I cry every time I hear this song
Ben Chidley

Ben Chidley . 2 years ago

I’m here from monét x change💁🏼‍♂️
Slay Xay

Slay Xay . 3 years ago

#GODDESS I Love This Woman & Her Music So Much! She is the epitome of an Artist from the soul & core. This song is godly along with the rest of the album & her other two. I can't wait for #Album4 & more to come from this Beautiful #Queen💖
Rainey Joseph

Rainey Joseph . 3 years ago

the lyrics on this video are so not on point lmao
bethany biggins

bethany biggins . 4 years ago

Jessie j tho😍 she's amazing in everyway

dranzerbeast0308 . 4 years ago

she's got some sexy legs
Eve Hunter

Eve Hunter . 4 years ago

i played this 10 times
Toothfairy Gardy

Toothfairy Gardy . 5 years ago

fucking wow.
maya lopez

maya lopez . 5 years ago

Macky Tokar

Macky Tokar . 5 years ago

Love her!
Cel M

Cel M . 5 years ago

its just crazy to know that she actually sings these songs in the same key live. shes a beast!!! damn! 
Tae Xavier

Tae Xavier . 5 years ago

Fso fuck good
Alina Moza

Alina Moza . 5 years ago

Th intro is way to similar to Lana del Rey Blue Jeans
انا مش عربي

انا مش عربي . 5 years ago

this gal never failed me...
Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins . 5 years ago

So touching thank you for sharing
tracy khoza

tracy khoza . 5 years ago


SUMBIK . 5 years ago

John Newman, Thanks for this song

bazzingaification . 5 years ago

Wow such a powerful song...this is deff my fav song on the album now!!

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