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Stephanie Poetri - I Love You 3000 (Official Music Video)

Stephanie Poetri

Stephanie Poetri

Published on 8 months ago

Stephanie Poetri - I Love You 3000

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephaniepoetri/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/poetristephanie
Tik Tok: http://vm.tiktok.com/A5JrFT/

Comments :

Stephanie Poetri

Stephanie Poetri . 8 months ago

OKAY, i dont want to make an unnecessarily long paragraph, but i just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone who supported me and this song, and to say thankyou to each one of you who left nice comments, who played my song (whether it be in your room all alone or in a supermarket speaker, yes i was there a couple of times hahaha), and who decided to press this video out of nowhere and liked it,,, it really puts a smile on my face every single day. your comments have humbled me and i cant wait for you all to enjoy my next song :) and to everyone who made covers, i love every single one! you all have made me realise that i can do what i want to do and that i can achieve my goals, as long as i stay grounded and hardworking... i cant thank you all enough :) okay sorry for the long paragraph HAHA i just wanted to post that here :)
Toan Anh

Toan Anh . 25 minutes ago

Omg she and my ex look like 2 peas in a pod... still cannot get over her.. huhm...
예리yeri Journal

예리yeri Journal . 3 hours ago

This is so cute
aldi 1903

aldi 1903 . 4 hours ago

Minta mentahan meme dong

Daph . 8 hours ago

idk why this song makes me feel like crying
oscar promoli

oscar promoli . 8 hours ago

anyone else come from Ichikas channel?
Bright Thoughts

Bright Thoughts . 11 hours ago

I'm to single to relate to this lol
sara didda

sara didda . 14 hours ago

I love so much this song😍😍
Erick Yan

Erick Yan . 15 hours ago

... And we're having dinner, and baby you're my wiener"... Oh wait what???
arief02. aa

arief02. aa . 15 hours ago

I love you girl 😘😘
Nora b

Nora b . 15 hours ago

I now this song because youngbin form Sf9 He played the song on v live at the request of a fan🤍l really really love this song 🥺🤍🌸🌸
Daniela Marques

Daniela Marques . 16 hours ago

essa música do me mostra q eu n sei cantar
I love Living in village

I love Living in village . 17 hours ago

Unfortunately I have no boyfriend🌝, ah come on! It was 2020:/
Manisha J

Manisha J . 18 hours ago

I-run man? 🤔🤔🤔
Maryamm Madjidi

Maryamm Madjidi . 18 hours ago

Came here after Stephanie soo vid👍❤️
zyrusalexzyrus line

zyrusalexzyrus line . 18 hours ago

Aviencloud brought me here
Brenanda Pamudya178

Brenanda Pamudya178 . 20 hours ago

0% Badsong 0% Badword 100% Aib

N N . 20 hours ago

sealiran sama boy pablo ini
cHa Eun wOo

cHa Eun wOo . 20 hours ago

This song help me to sleep😪😪
radit ramadhan

radit ramadhan . 22 hours ago

Aeshtetic music✨
Slayolaynya Tae

Slayolaynya Tae . 22 hours ago

who are came here before this song blow up? *Sorry bad English
Mikaelia Torres

Mikaelia Torres . 1 day ago

This song is amazing I don’t like listening to music that much but this just hits different 💕love it Stephanie keep going 💕
Views 1738

Views 1738 . 1 day ago

Can't talk about a topic and then show nothing in the video, this song is fucking trash
Summer Sun

Summer Sun . 1 day ago

Soleh Soleh

Soleh Soleh . 1 day ago

For those who don't know, Iron is pronounced I-yern. She made it sound I-ren just to make it sound good. And this IS good.
Pxppy Rxse

Pxppy Rxse . 1 day ago

Sounds like the type of music they play in the background of any kdrama's slow mo kissing scene
Karyada Werdie

Karyada Werdie . 1 day ago

I subscribed to your channel Stephanie. I love your songs & I love you :D
FAYNEL /fai_channel

FAYNEL /fai_channel . 1 day ago

feb 2020 ?
sehat selamat

sehat selamat . 1 day ago

Tanda di endonesa.. ada rak buku tes cpns...
Christian Gutierrez

Christian Gutierrez . 1 day ago

The funniest part is that the song and video work really well at making you fall in love with Stephanie *ugly cries*
Andi Reza

Andi Reza . 1 day ago

Kakkk buat lagu bahasa Indonesia ❤️🤍
Bea Song

Bea Song . 2 days ago

Realmente me relaja está canción ♥️✨

Rymdh . 2 days ago

Are you an outsider? . oh no i'm indonesian 🙃

Rahaf. . 2 days ago

I thought the original version of the song was with Jackson😭😭
J Celedón

J Celedón . 2 days ago

Why 58 M?
Versi Sumba

Versi Sumba . 2 days ago

Verry good this you voice my beautifu angel
Denil Denil

Denil Denil . 2 days ago

Wow girl 😍😘😊☺️😋
cloudss s

cloudss s . 2 days ago

Bantu subcribe dong ntr tak subcribe balik
Dung Pham

Dung Pham . 2 days ago

02/2020, tại sao tới giờ tôi mới biết đến bài hát hay thế này, hứa khi nào gặp được chồng tương lai sẽ cho ng đó nghe bài này, i love you 3000

olivia! . 2 days ago

im touching that bowling ball when i get to the bowling alley fr
Zineb Belhadj

Zineb Belhadj . 2 days ago

on 2030 this would be my weeding song
Putra Peskara

Putra Peskara . 2 days ago

Yg komen pada pake bahasa inggris. Ga paham😂😂
Resky Arianty

Resky Arianty . 2 days ago

Buat film dong kak meni, if you make a movie I will definitely watch it😅
Farel Aditya

Farel Aditya . 2 days ago

Ini Anak nya TITI DJ kan
Megan davette

Megan davette . 2 days ago

Masih ada yg buka video ini???
Jay King

Jay King . 2 days ago

Be my 3000!
Ayu Ran

Ayu Ran . 2 days ago

Sampe sekarang masih suka banget sama video nya
Tia Asyfah

Tia Asyfah . 2 days ago

di remake dong
Hariman 2019

Hariman 2019 . 2 days ago

100%. Natural and i like it.
tina warnida

tina warnida . 2 days ago

sudah cantik pinter bikin lagu,dan yg bikin bangga ternyata dia anak indonesia....kirain dulu anak londo😁

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