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Prince Eazy Burn Remix Meek Mill Diss



Published on 7 years ago

Comments :

jessie berry

jessie berry . 10 months ago

Im laughing so hard at all these people hatin on his shit but yet they watchin his videos.
Trenaenicole Fashion2018

Trenaenicole Fashion2018 . 1 year ago

😵😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 u play to much
Sean Sorensen

Sean Sorensen . 1 year ago

He got a Derrick rose comment he on some bullshit #Burn
King Echo

King Echo . 2 years ago

*BOSS* 😂😂👌🔥
Gerald Bolum

Gerald Bolum . 2 years ago

And he stole camrons clothes
X Militia

X Militia . 2 years ago

Elijah Mobley

Elijah Mobley . 2 years ago

8 ball
Elijah Mobley

Elijah Mobley . 2 years ago

He said x rays and pick up your baby head but her until it head crak
Chocolate Hotep TripleDarknessSheaButterAllah

Chocolate Hotep TripleDarknessSheaButterAllah . 2 years ago

Its Chiraq Drillanoise nigga
taylor marshall

taylor marshall . 2 years ago

This night is "the Carter Lil Wayne " on crack he fuckin the game up right now prince EZ till that world blow
kayla dufresne

kayla dufresne . 2 years ago

This goes hard frfr
Ryan Maraman

Ryan Maraman . 3 years ago

I know I'm late but tha boy nice creative asf
Dawone Edmondson

Dawone Edmondson . 3 years ago

i pranked out on this mfka started 2 fights at same time
Woodie 1600

Woodie 1600 . 3 years ago

keep spitting da truth will reveal one day

loudboy1994 . 4 years ago

I was locked up with this nigga On 26th&Cali . His ass stayed rapping for honey buns Oms
Wolfman Gonzlaez

Wolfman Gonzlaez . 4 years ago

My Nigga Kame at Meeks Life shit is fire
Dustin Lehoe

Dustin Lehoe . 4 years ago

#PrinceEazy #ChicagoOverPhillie
LowKey FR

LowKey FR . 4 years ago

fuck your gang pink wearing ass bch boy.
Ladii Leo

Ladii Leo . 5 years ago

fuck yall gang bitch

TinaaLee . 5 years ago

Meek took Eazy flow 😂 meek never sounded like how he do now. Fuck y'all meek fans talking about. #PrinceEazy 💯💯💯
Lil Mula

Lil Mula . 5 years ago

Prince eazy is not better than meek mill he knows meek better and he on meek dick cuz he knows meek better that's y he keep coming at him meek better than him 100%
Antone Winters

Antone Winters . 5 years ago

he just killed meek... shit was hot you can't lie
sabastian Ranjel

sabastian Ranjel . 5 years ago

eazy is cold but Montana 300 is better

OlaGolme . 5 years ago

dudes got bars!
Joey Morgan

Joey Morgan . 5 years ago

prince eazy all day fuck meek mill 
V5 Snipez

V5 Snipez . 5 years ago

For real fuck Meek and he possibly could have stole prince easy flow
Fetti Da Don

Fetti Da Don . 5 years ago

How you dissing meek but you jacking his flow & beat smh lames
deedee oliver

deedee oliver . 5 years ago

Niggayou stolemeek mills beat bicth
Rick Groot

Rick Groot . 5 years ago

Not even an really expensive car. We have the same one actually jaguar xf

ZAY HERTZ-DEEPREST . 5 years ago

I don't get it, dudes aren't from the same city, do they have history? Sounds kind of like Meek Mill, but that guy sounded like that when he was like, 15. They both sound kind of like a lot of people, but it seems like there are 100 people Meek Mill would have drawn influence from before this dude. Whatever scheme works for him though, fuck it
Jeremey Shelley

Jeremey Shelley . 5 years ago

It's a lot of people in the game that sound the same and meek mill been doing this seent he was 16
Mercedes Toliaferro

Mercedes Toliaferro . 5 years ago

Got dat ending from 50cent wangsta
Jamie Zaccagni

Jamie Zaccagni . 6 years ago

Wow I got chills dis nigga dope don't get shot homie
Spaz Izapeaceovshyt

Spaz Izapeaceovshyt . 6 years ago

My new favorite Chiraq Rapper,that Nigga Dope As Fuck
Thebulaceboogie CTBN

Thebulaceboogie CTBN . 6 years ago

This f****** video is ass
Anthony Soto

Anthony Soto . 6 years ago

brian delcid

brian delcid . 6 years ago

This nigga suck fuck you eazy
Andre N.

Andre N. . 6 years ago

The reason y omelly didnt fire back on his on diss song cuz he too busy making money He dont got time for u fuck niggas fuck cassidy and Eazy
isaiah walker

isaiah walker . 6 years ago

turn up 
Quienton Williams

Quienton Williams . 6 years ago

when he say on stone is he dissing the moes

BahZerq . 6 years ago

BRATOV4EDA Stoyayonov

BRATOV4EDA Stoyayonov . 6 years ago


sammy . 6 years ago

He raw asl doe
fin baller

fin baller . 6 years ago

yuh b snapin bro i feel wat yuh on ft mii on a track squad

VOICEBOXINC . 6 years ago


sammy . 6 years ago

Dis nigga got bars
Joshua Phillips

Joshua Phillips . 6 years ago

Jannie Simmons

Jannie Simmons . 6 years ago

Like that

TRUEKAELSZILLA . 6 years ago

used his style
Mike Flowers

Mike Flowers . 6 years ago


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