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Charlamagne Tha God and Meek Mill: A Conversation Between Champions



Published on 4 months ago

Charlamagne Tha God went to the Bahamas to meet Meek Mill in a studio where he is currently working on his upcoming album. Although Meek is working on new music, he took a moment to reflect on his journey leading up to his last studio album, "Championships" and the success that followed. They covered his Grammy nomination, finding his purpose, why everyone should say no to opioids, the message in his new music, and the future of Dream Chasers.

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Comments :

Lee Respass

Lee Respass . 1 day ago

Derrick Thompson Jr

Derrick Thompson Jr . 1 day ago

Dope interview nd his LV weatherman Doppler radar shirt is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Brother Kavonte

Brother Kavonte . 2 days ago

“They said it’s my block, it’s not my block I don’t own any property on my block” Meek cultivation psychologically through the rap industry is beautiful to see also what he contributes
kash s

kash s . 2 days ago

Love him or hate him, he turned his narrative around like no other.
EbbyEb Uchiha111

EbbyEb Uchiha111 . 1 week ago

You gotta act like you happy lol meek shotout lol 😝

GaryOak3000 . 1 week ago

Why you in dad jail ?? I died 💀💀😂😂😂
Marco DuVall

Marco DuVall . 2 weeks ago

*US Justice System = legalised slavery in the '1st world' **#BDS** to **#freePalestine** from apartheid rule in **#Gaza**.. **#balfourdeclaration** exposes culprits **#USSLiberty** **#RachelCorrie** **#SamsonOption**.. **#greaterisraelproject** is genocide **#Nakba** is proof Revelation's 2:9 & 3:9 the Talmud states that Jesus Christ is boiling in hell within a vat of excrement. God is love/truth*
Ladiee Taty

Ladiee Taty . 2 weeks ago

My man 💜💜❤️💯😍
Leena C

Leena C . 2 weeks ago

America is built off paperwork period
Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh . 3 weeks ago

This was a great respectful interview charlemagne did a excellent job letting Meek talk about his life. 🙏🏽
Quentin Mitchell

Quentin Mitchell . 3 weeks ago

This interview is class , meek is wise, charlamagne doesn’t judge. Black kids should watch this
A Ban

A Ban . 3 weeks ago

Nothing but the utmost respect for him
Capital Rockstar

Capital Rockstar . 3 weeks ago

great interview.

alec__rivera . 3 weeks ago

I'm sorry meek cant agree with you. Rappers has the most influence on ppl wanting to sell drugs. Selling bricks dont get put into ppls head if they dont listen to the rap music. I'm sorry

alec__rivera . 3 weeks ago

Meek had the fastest time ever in the fort aka graterford. He came in Tuesday night and went to the hill by Wednesday. Never in the history of going up state does someone stay one day at the fort and off to the hill by the next.

alec__rivera . 3 weeks ago

Now meek my guy but you know damn well you know why she sent you to jail.
Tommy King

Tommy King . 3 weeks ago

I told my boy Dante that I would make sure one day we could be able to relax NO IMAGE ENTERTAINMENT.... Where the music sells...and the image doesn't... And than at concerts we do laser light shows and crazy artist from America got talent and what not performing at our venue
Tommy King

Tommy King . 3 weeks ago

Meek DC meant something to me until I kept hearing what sounded like y'all smashing my woe... And it's beien shot like you doing it to spite me
Tommy King

Tommy King . 3 weeks ago

Meek I ain't know that rolls ,rape ,hollygrove, and super Sundays to exist forreal my wig got split and it opened me up to evil I didn't know anyevil besides ne philly
Tommy King

Tommy King . 3 weeks ago

Philly is like that... Lol not even hating just straight trying to talk you out of ur dream
Tommy King

Tommy King . 3 weeks ago

I'm not a psyco for black I saw a race exist in a Secret manner of loving Jesus that was Kool w a swag and that was only promoted through action inseenn how they was going to do out family so I went psycho on the streets to let black know you got me it you need me
Christ King Aaron Winn Sr.

Christ King Aaron Winn Sr. . 4 weeks ago

Meek cool ass fuck. U just gotta have self control. I don't no dude n prolly never will but all I no is u gotta control who u hit n who u don't. Me I never hit a woman. I'm not saying that's his whole life but I'm saying keep that attitude u got FELLA cuzz I like it. In-Sight, In-Mind, Out-Sight, Out-Mind. I'm 38:09 in n don. I heard all I need to hear. Dude cool. But learn to keep yo hands own the weak. Him punching the shit out somebody he feel on his fighting level r above is cool for sport reasons. But if u can't control yoself u ain't shit but a lil kid. The end!!!

J S . 4 weeks ago

44:16 Drake
tray collier

tray collier . 4 weeks ago

“Y’all told me im bad 1000x when i was 5 years old now I wanna be bad” i swear to God them facts & i can vouch.
Stevie Banks

Stevie Banks . 4 weeks ago

https://music.apple.com/us/album/kobe-single/1497853744 #KOBE 🔥🔥🔥☝🏾
Larell Mcconnell

Larell Mcconnell . 4 weeks ago

Another cure is working out. That's why every black male who's lower or middle class should be a gym rat.black love survival rate would sky rocket
Larell Mcconnell

Larell Mcconnell . 4 weeks ago

Just to add to that. Money is one of the best perscriptioms for our PTSD, cause one of our as black males symptoms is low self-esteem,so money helps us to see that money is not what we want,it's h🤔
Larell Mcconnell

Larell Mcconnell . 4 weeks ago

98% of our black males are suffering from PTSD. growing up in broken homes witnessing domestic violence,mom on drugs dad gone,dad gone mom working two jobs, etc etc.its also stated that if you do more than thirty days in the hole your elgiable for disability for PTSD. I'm just saying.🤔
Ian Tighe

Ian Tighe . 4 weeks ago

I love interviews like this. Wouldn't know half of what goes on in the streets if people like Meek weren't willing to stand up and be counted. Extremely intelligent man.
jason hubert

jason hubert . 4 weeks ago

And yet another person I had no real idea about that I've been exposed through via this YouTube page. Great interview Charlamagne, and I will be checking out Meek Mill's music; a very wise man indeed.
Jaime's Son

Jaime's Son . 4 weeks ago

Meek a champ who the other? They giving out Chatty Patty awards? Foh with this Pill Cosby character
Jessica Olay

Jessica Olay . 4 weeks ago

Meek has such a genuineness and authenticity about him that most others in the industry lack. I so admire him for staying true to his core. He’s so mature, level headed and humble and it definitely resonates through his music. You can tell he pick up every jewel all the OGs drop to him. 🙏🏽❤️

Laurent . 1 month ago

“Send a order through a hands free” - Jay Z meaning = Hov is sending an order via Bluetooth headset

B-ALIVE LA . 1 month ago

Nip taught me u can die : that was deep I felt that.

WILON . 1 month ago

83 Remix

83 Remix . 1 month ago

two of the biggest race baiters in the world !!!!
Archer Canobra

Archer Canobra . 1 month ago

Pagan name, death means hell.
Marie Fuqua

Marie Fuqua . 1 month ago

I loved this intimate interview! How he touched on trauma. People don't understand what people go through. And becomes the normal. But we know its not. It's just what you know. I loved the questions Charlagmane asked (excuse me not spelling his name correctly)
AnuGod Bonez

AnuGod Bonez . 1 month ago

Good interview
Amanda 45 LOVE

Amanda 45 LOVE . 1 month ago

I just saw a video where this fool said Alabama was racist that they were just worried about white majority and self preservation because they weren’t allowing abortions. Do people really listen to this fool? Ok so let me try to comprehend this. So the person who created Planned Parenthood (an actual racist who wanted all other races dead) is the hero and the people who are saying NO YOU CANT KILL THESE BABIES (30% BLACK) ARE WORRIED ABOUT SELF PRESERVATION. Please explain that one to me. So in order to carry out this self preservation they are fighting to keep more minority babies alive? How exactly does that work? You guys are preventing your own race from growing by killling all of these innocent babies. You dont see what the left has done here. They have given people things like welfare and planned parenthood and why? Those weren’t ideas created by the right. What did welfare do? It incentivized single parent households which inevitably led to kids getting in trouble, not finishing school, ended up in jail or on drugs, in gangs, all of that shit. It also caused that one parent to stop aspiring to make more money because if they make above a certain amount they lose that free money. So that is what welfare did. What did PP do? A racist created it and put it in low income minority communities. Why? Because they dont want your community to grow. The right does! We want people to get out and start making a living and do better for their families, we want these babies to have a chance and for your community to grow and grow so we can all be one. You guys really need to take a deep look into how these horribly racist things were created and why before spitting off about something you dont understand and then using the influence you have to persuade people to think your way. All you are doing is KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE! WE WANT MORE PEOPLE OF ALL RACES! WE DO NOT HIDE BEHIND BLANKET RACISM AND TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE A VICTIM WHEN YOU ARE NOT. We will tell you that you are every bit as equal as anyone else. We are all created equal, there are political agendas in this country but you guys arent seeing the facts right in front of your face. The right has never been your enemy. Do some digging and research on your own all of the awful racist things that occurred in this country and look at the people who started it all. Get the truth. Stop spreading around this nonsense that quite frankly doesnt even make sense. Conservatives arent your enemy, especially not in 2020 WAKE UP!

BRILLIANT WARD . 1 month ago

i dont got him takilnlg 10 30s a day
Suave Petro

Suave Petro . 1 month ago

Some of these dope dealers turn it into a family business. Like raise their son to be a dope boy. Never ending cycles
Carmine Galante

Carmine Galante . 1 month ago

What Charlamagne said was very astute. People are born with depression and anxiety, and find their relief through alcohol, cigarettes, legal and illicit substances. I used to judge as a kid, but life is hard and your predispositions can exacerbate the situation. Props to Meek for what he said. It takes a strong man to admit their hardships. Life is supposed to be hard, and nothing you want will come easy. Accept that bad things will happen and that you have to sacrifice everyday. You'll find solice in that, and one day you'll be where you always wanted to be. Last part, I work out twice a day, and keep all my time occupied with work or hobbies. You follow that and you'll be good little homies.
Carmine Galante

Carmine Galante . 1 month ago

Meek is on milk cartons in North Philly
Teon Jenkins

Teon Jenkins . 1 month ago

Offset with the Caffeine ad!!! I love to see it!!
Litha Bakumeni

Litha Bakumeni . 1 month ago

great interview! meek is a funny dude
Bul Phil

Bul Phil . 1 month ago

Dem Pumas tho. Need them jawns
S Candy

S Candy . 1 month ago

I'm so saddened and sick of hearing the same ole "I'm from the hood so I have limited options" mentality. I'm from the hood and the day I decided to change my life for the better I started working on it. You have to really have the passion and determination to do better. You don't need a million dollars to be successful. I got up every morning even when I didn't want to and pushed myself to enroll in college. I let all negative influences go. I planted my face in the books not allowing anyone to distract me. Distancing myself from people with negative energy and that didn't have my best interest at heart was a must. There is so much more to life than the hood and prison. There are so many professions for Black Males besides selling dope, sports and hip hop (not saying anything is wrong with that if that's what you wanna do) There is financial assistance out there for low income people. 1. Pick a career 2. Do whatever it takes to meet those goals 3. Jordan said it best JUST DO IT! Stop blaming folks if you made choices which resulted in incarceration. Yes the justice system can be unfair but I'm going to tell you what they're not doing... They are not just knocking on people's doors and locking them up for nothing. Get rid of the criminal mentality and transfer that energy into something positive. I really think some people are exaggerating how hard it is to leave a crime infested community. If it's that bad. I don't care if you have to move to a Men's halfway house with a good motivating program until you meet your goals or at least until your strong enough to overcome any obsticals that you may face. I know for a fact there's help out here for people that really want it and prepared to put in the effort it takes to become a successful individual. Alot of these hip hop artist rap about their millions & I feel subconsciously it effects the people who have chosen to allow themselves to be oppressed Living in a crime infested hood temporarily may be difficult to overcome but generation after generation it becomes a choice. We all have control of our surroundings and who we allow to enter our personal space.
Daniel Owen

Daniel Owen . 1 month ago

He spends more than he earns forget 100m he will be bankrupt soon
Michael Conway

Michael Conway . 1 month ago

Said it before and will say it again Meek Mill and Kendrick are a whole new breed of rapper. These new rappers are getting smarter and actually give a shit about their community. It is a little jarring but in a good way.

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