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GoldLink - Justine's Interlude | A COLORS SHOW



Published on 1 year ago

DC-born artist GoldLink graces the COLORS stage once more with “Justine’s Interlude”, an ardent freestyle in tribute to his friends. Produced by WavelQ.

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COLORS . 1 year ago

*Lyrics below* If I got you, and my son, and my god on my side What’s the point of anybody else riding It’s so much stuck on my mental It’s so much you on my mind It’s so much money and pussy You’d think I’m going blind I think it’s funny how blogs talk So many shows I had been to where models walked So many stories about you and so and so from Harlem And ain’t too many from Harlem So take a guess Taking a jet, so I can recollect You say what’s up with you, baby I always say what’s next I mean What is we in it for? Revenge from your friend circle, Like what did we enter for I’m tired of fancy dinners I’m tired of diamond ballin I’m tired of hearing about if this nigga put hands on ya Tired of tryna smile through shit that’s affecting us Then I get to overthinking if I’m here messing up Mac died and I couldn’t talk, couldn’t bear the thought Two days before it we was talking about love and loss Then he mentioned Ariana momma and newer songs I never told a soul, but I knew he was dead all along You do something to me I write all my songs about women I never keep I hate when I have to lose em, I hate it when it’s deep You one of my six women that’s in the east I hate making promises that I never keep So promise to never ever be too patient with me Justine promise me Love and loyalty that’s over honesty The devil be talking but god controlling me Roc nation dinners that inquire bout meek My god the realest That’s how we meet
Sammy Fidoe

Sammy Fidoe . 4 days ago

that mac line hella personal. spitting about ari’s mum and everything? saying how he knew mac was dead along? and that instagram post? idk man, i love goldlinks music, but there’s just something about him as a person that I really don’t like..
miles thurston

miles thurston . 2 weeks ago

I love his flow it's unique and unpredictable
Adeyi george

Adeyi george . 2 weeks ago

name dropping sheck so seamlessly damn
Nokwanda Siyunyi

Nokwanda Siyunyi . 3 weeks ago

I’m surprised they haven’t invited Brent Faiyaz for one of these
Ike 90277

Ike 90277 . 4 weeks ago

He got some vc.
Jono O' Reilly

Jono O' Reilly . 4 weeks ago

Anyone know if there's an instrumental for this? The beat is crazy
Charles Ford Jr

Charles Ford Jr . 2 months ago

Nobody: Me when I’m listening to this song: 1:44
DeMario McDay

DeMario McDay . 2 months ago

Really wish he aint say that dumb shit about mac
Nine Inch Rails

Nine Inch Rails . 2 months ago

The beat is so clean and fresh.
Julián Jiménez

Julián Jiménez . 2 months ago

Fuck Goldlink
Uncle Bob

Uncle Bob . 2 months ago

Please invite Brent Faiyaz
mz watson

mz watson . 2 months ago

the mac miller line kinda hit different now... lol
Keti K

Keti K . 2 months ago

Dope dope dope doooooooooopeeee!!!!!
Phelix Juma

Phelix Juma . 2 months ago

Phelix Juma

Phelix Juma . 2 months ago

Stephanie Reyes

Stephanie Reyes . 3 months ago

beat is erythang

marlene . 3 months ago

here after his stupid ass post towards mac

JusDion . 3 months ago

Rip mac

TRAP SOUL . 3 months ago

Goldlink fake as fuck. How you gon diss Mac Miller after he's deaf
Doodle Bob

Doodle Bob . 3 months ago

This nigga dissed Mac fuck him

Audi . 3 months ago

Crazy how much of a clown this man really is
Nelson N Pugh Jr

Nelson N Pugh Jr . 3 months ago

Do Tiff Freestyle on here next!!!!!!
marveylian worldwide

marveylian worldwide . 3 months ago

Goldlink is golden.🔥
Dameatis Brown

Dameatis Brown . 3 months ago

Mac just let him keep this
Avery Garrett

Avery Garrett . 3 months ago

Goldlink talented asf but what he said about mac lately was just a bunch of clownery
Will Woods

Will Woods . 3 months ago

Scumbag of the highest order

QUEEN SOUTHPARK . 3 months ago

Might have disrespected Mac Miller but I still stan😊😍

badwithfeelings . 3 months ago

RIP Mac.
Airey M

Airey M . 3 months ago

Voice like butter😌
Jalil Compaoré

Jalil Compaoré . 3 months ago

Looks like he is trying to explain something
Rakan Pablo

Rakan Pablo . 3 months ago

naandi mbatha

naandi mbatha . 3 months ago

these color video's make me happier than the actual song
ap p

ap p . 3 months ago

Oh my...😭😭
high on you.

high on you. . 3 months ago

everything about this is aamazing. his voice is just so so good
Justine De Fosse

Justine De Fosse . 3 months ago


lebs81 . 3 months ago

Instrumental pls??
Tumiso Marebane

Tumiso Marebane . 4 months ago

Cold cut! ... Great feel
Sidney Mulchand

Sidney Mulchand . 4 months ago

That Mac line got me 💔 great song Rip Mac
Balmix Feliz

Balmix Feliz . 4 months ago

Ok the first 7-8 seconds of this songs beat is from another song a bit older than this one though. I cannot figure it out but I know I heard the song before! Please someone help me it’s bothering me so much lol.
Chill Out Joseph

Chill Out Joseph . 4 months ago

Listening to this months later and hearing what he says is dope i fw the song more now
Davaughn Houck

Davaughn Houck . 4 months ago

i wish this sound and intimacy translated to his new album, because i found it underwhelming
Jeremy M.

Jeremy M. . 4 months ago

FYI, this song IS on Spotify. Thank the heavens. https://open.spotify.com/track/1Ajoi45AjYqloARp5ufaVK?si=BohH3GHDTUiq5j7pLwRrsg
Zach Sivankeo

Zach Sivankeo . 4 months ago

Ready for a GoldLink x 6lack collab🔥🔥
Chirkut Brothers

Chirkut Brothers . 5 months ago

Doing it Stealthy by Oloff
prayuth juntra

prayuth juntra . 5 months ago

Get Oloff on here

Bandito . 5 months ago

Doing lt Stealthy - Oloff
rania ka

rania ka . 5 months ago

Good color shows
Виктор Кора

Виктор Кора . 5 months ago

Doing lt Stealthy!
Hedonistic Gaming

Hedonistic Gaming . 5 months ago

Doing It Stealthy by Oloff!

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