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Call Me Joker - Hildur Guðnadóttir (Official Art Video)

WaterTower Music

WaterTower Music

Published on 4 months ago

Call Me Joker - Hildur Guðnadóttir (From: Joker)
Avail Now: https://lnk.to/jokerID

#Joker #HildurGuðnadóttir #Soundtrack

1. Hoyt's Office
2. Defeated Clown
3. Following Sophie
4. Penny in the Hospital
5. Young Penny
6. Meeting Bruce Wayne
7. Hiding in the Fridge
8. A Bad Comedian
9. Arthur Comes to Sophie
10. Looking for Answers
11. Penny Taken to the Hospital
12. Subway
13. Bathroom Dance
14. Learning How to Act Normal
15. Confession
16. Escape from the Train
17. Call Me Joker

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Comments :

Rafael Garcia

Rafael Garcia . 7 days ago

Pure genious
El gollum

El gollum . 1 week ago

The Oscar to this soundtrack is totally deserved.
Sangeen Khan

Sangeen Khan . 1 week ago

Acting + Score. The best combination Hollywood has ever seen. That's why Oscar can't denied that.
Caspean Sea

Caspean Sea . 1 week ago

So unfortunate Joker lost to Parasite for Oscar best picture. Nevertheless, Parasite also deserves it I guess.
Rohit Uniyal

Rohit Uniyal . 1 week ago

Oscar got him
Sebas David

Sebas David . 1 week ago

And the winner is Joaquín "The Joker" Phoenix 👊🏻
saidulu nayak

saidulu nayak . 1 week ago

Askar winner this music
Diego Fabian

Diego Fabian . 1 week ago

Kevin Gallardo

Kevin Gallardo . 1 week ago

Win the Óscar 👏👏👏
Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos . 1 week ago

Gilma Grenis

Gilma Grenis . 2 weeks ago

Mental illness matters! 😢
Gilma Grenis

Gilma Grenis . 2 weeks ago

I love this movie.. Joaquin Phoenix is amazing actor
Deb Roy

Deb Roy . 2 weeks ago

The sound and Art gives a strong message or may say vibe 🔥

NightmareXL . 3 weeks ago

1:10 the tick tick/clicking sounds reminds me of The Dark Knight
Enrique Sanchez

Enrique Sanchez . 1 month ago

Rupert Pupkin :)

Rick . 1 month ago

Looks like a loading screen.
Michael Lynch

Michael Lynch . 1 month ago

Great soundtrack, great performance by Joaquin Phoenix for an overly-hyped film. A story of a person on the edge and his psychotic fall into the abyss.They postponed the opening in some venues afraid it would cause riots? Now that's marketing at its' extreme.

Ghaffar_KH . 1 month ago

2:58 What a scene, what a movie, an absolute masterpiece.

YNW- JAY103 . 1 month ago

J Guerreiro

J Guerreiro . 1 month ago

the movie was so daunting I didn't even notice there was a soundtrack :o
Doto one

Doto one . 1 month ago

ʝσƙҽɾ σɳʅყ

ʝσƙҽɾ σɳʅყ . 2 months ago

*check it out....✔👇🏻👇🏻* *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2jBVjTKhTw*
Adrián Campillo Vázquez

Adrián Campillo Vázquez . 2 months ago

Llámenme guasón?
Raey Hanah

Raey Hanah . 2 months ago

The story would make more sense if Arthur still a teenager, like 17 or maybe in his 20s. Not so much age difference with Bruce. But yeah, I don't think you can find another actor that can deliver it like Joaqin. It's a masterpiece.
Tako Patar

Tako Patar . 2 months ago

Who wants joker 2

Bobsheaux . 2 months ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaa.... I'm sorry... I was just thinking of the climax to a movie I saw... ...You wouldn't get it...

Elfuelte . 2 months ago

The clown who was trying to be happy by making people happy and got himself miserable, now hes happy making them pay and got himself king, but the consequence is that he lost everything. THAT´S LIFE.
Ru4n life

Ru4n life . 2 months ago

Put on happy face
David Sánchez

David Sánchez . 2 months ago

Arthur Fleck

Arthur Fleck . 2 months ago

I love very much Joker.This movie is amazing.Songs in this movie = Sad i love this movie

Annomynous.268 . 3 months ago

Its not even his fault..
Motaz Mustafa

Motaz Mustafa . 3 months ago

Can you interduce me as Joker
georgia mbambi

georgia mbambi . 3 months ago

one of the most emotional soundtracks i have ever heard
Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno . 3 months ago

Joker is art Is live Is love

Anonymous . 3 months ago

"What do you get when you cross a mentally ill person that has a society that doesn't give a crap about him and treats him like trash! I'll tell you what you get. YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE! *BANG*

Anonymous . 3 months ago

Filip Zetterlund

Filip Zetterlund . 3 months ago

What I love about that scene is because when Joker officially crowns himself as the Clown Prince of Gotham, the people of Gotham cheers him on, believing that he's going to become their messiah-like savior who'll save them and bring them out of the pit of crime that is Gotham, unaware that they're actually cheering on the fallen devil who is going to reduce Gotham into a hellish inferno and make them suffer for the sins they'd committed against him.
Rockstar AK

Rockstar AK . 3 months ago

There is no punch line 🔥❣️

720reddog . 3 months ago

Haunting soundtrack it really made the movie so creepy and haunting truly a masterpiece of film.
Noah Dagger

Noah Dagger . 3 months ago

I'm selling replay buttons! 3:42 3:42 3:42 3:42 And they're free!

IGNACIØRIGINAL . 3 months ago


Cósmico . 3 months ago

please just stop it with the "omg arthur fleck died joker was born" "jokers last victim was arthur fleck" and just making it look stupid and pretending its deep
Hamzaoui Mohamed ridha

Hamzaoui Mohamed ridha . 3 months ago

What a fucking music ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kratos Shyam

Kratos Shyam . 3 months ago

I have a doubt.... Will sophie die in this movie?
Draka Von

Draka Von . 3 months ago

Message I took from the movie: Stop treating people like shit!
infinity spiceout

infinity spiceout . 4 months ago

I been very interested and happy w joker movie and the results in everyway. Loved the movie. Joker a sick man been abused by the wealthier humans. And now the movie has grossed 900 million. So now the magic is gone for me .. From been the greatest movie of all time because of the time we live in w AI breathing our neck and the government installing cameras and microphones in our computers tvs and cell phones, the excitement is gone. All those 900 million dollars will not go to the people who paid ... It will go to the garbage. Just more movies. Joker got me.going for a week. Im back to my reality my clown life my standing taking care of kids and been criticized at work. For doing my best been the best and just no respect. Ready to head back home. This world has nothing interesting for me. Nothing but a movie who cares i have nothing to loose cause im attached to nothing. All those rich investors of the movie they should help 101 women w single children not to end up in jails. Who knows but next thing you know is disney is going to buy joker. Like they do with everything else. We all getting excites for nothing. There is Nothing we can do against bruce waynes or rich and powerful. Plus they got the batmans and supermans on their side telling us what to do, hear, eat, wake up and sleep. We r fucked. Im sure if you are a rich bitch you will disagree. Of course the investors of this movie now are richer than ever and all of us movie ticket poorer than before. And by the way i know you pussies wont agree with me , too much reality for you to tell you that yes fu because your aweful. Dont hit my like button i already knew you were awful before i saw the movie my life told me.. Good night disney babies.

BlueCoon . 4 months ago

3:33 "Goosebumps Every Time..." Crosshairs, Transformers The Last Knight

ラヴェンナいきたい . 4 months ago

(you must) put on a happy face
Scott K

Scott K . 4 months ago

Beautiful. It sounds very Norse.
Nadia Kateb

Nadia Kateb . 4 months ago

Since no one's gonna say it i'll say it , Hildur Guðnadóttir is a fucking genius

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