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Published on 10 years ago

hade tråååkigt.

Comments :

sunil negi

sunil negi . 2 years ago

nice song
sunil negi

sunil negi . 2 years ago

nice music
Mario Bordon

Mario Bordon . 3 years ago

Janer Suárez

Janer Suárez . 3 years ago

es una chimba.......
Bitman Y Roban

Bitman Y Roban . 3 years ago

"Es el genero Punchis Punchis." - Tu, todo [email protected] en los años 1995-1999.
Eduardo gimenes

Eduardo gimenes . 3 years ago

tempo bom que nao volta mais
Miaoo miaooo

Miaoo miaooo . 3 years ago

Love this song... First time hear this song with my father, now my father is gone... :(
Kensuke Higurashi

Kensuke Higurashi . 5 years ago

Todos estos años buscando el nombre de esta banda y este temazo excelente y de antología!

PhotosynthesisLove . 6 years ago

I remember this was my tune on the radio when I was a little tot. It has taken a long time to find it. 
Orlando Pineda

Orlando Pineda . 6 years ago

Megustan su musica
msa. ahmed

msa. ahmed . 7 years ago

one of my best listening song
Thomas Glambert

Thomas Glambert . 7 years ago

huh back in time..I heard this song when I was 6 years old..so now I'm 19 years old..hahah btw i like this song..kiss kiss kiss
eko setiawan

eko setiawan . 7 years ago

i like u so much
Greg M

Greg M . 8 years ago

Could not have picked a wierder picture lol

tylamou . 8 years ago

I kiff a lot so miss me
Manuel Corral

Manuel Corral . 8 years ago

hermosa cancion. una de las mas bellas del eurodance......

Tove . 9 years ago

Svara på det här videoklippet... it hink the're from the Netherlands

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