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Fergie ~ L.A love (la la) Lyrics

Charlie Butler

Charlie Butler

Published on 5 years ago

Comments :

Dance Moms Weekly

Dance Moms Weekly . 3 weeks ago

2020 Anyone???

WoomyChan2005 . 3 weeks ago

I have Ebo—
Αντωνια Βερδου

Αντωνια Βερδου . 3 weeks ago

Greece is not mentioned :( eh I'm sad now ayeeee
samar nouh

samar nouh . 3 weeks ago

my success affirmation
Shikha Butta

Shikha Butta . 3 weeks ago

Ebola was better
Jocey Gomez

Jocey Gomez . 3 weeks ago

I haven’t heard this song in a decade😨(I’m joking😂 Ik it’s cringy😬)
Mallika Khurana

Mallika Khurana . 4 weeks ago

2020 anyone?
Melvinn Balaba

Melvinn Balaba . 4 weeks ago

Manila is mentioned. - From Philippines, 2019
Tyron Arguelles

Tyron Arguelles . 4 weeks ago

Manilaa!!! Philippines 🇵🇭
Emi Lopez

Emi Lopez . 1 month ago

After 6 years I finally found this song so proud of myself 👌🤧😀
P López Tomás

P López Tomás . 1 month ago

Es Azerbaiyán no Hacienda xd
Austin Campbell

Austin Campbell . 1 month ago

Jamaica ☝️❤

Cqlor . 2 months ago

say le Nashville
Hayden Orlando Story's

Hayden Orlando Story's . 2 months ago

Who else came from Ebo la la la from Rucka Rucka Ali? You dont have to like just want to know so I know I'm not the only one
Best friends UwU

Best friends UwU . 2 months ago

La la la la I'm Bitchy
britany murray

britany murray . 2 months ago

Leanne Verchereau

Leanne Verchereau . 2 months ago

Awesome catchy song
Laritza Gutierrez

Laritza Gutierrez . 3 months ago

This song makes me want to travel around the world
Dhaaksha Rajan

Dhaaksha Rajan . 3 months ago

Lol this was released in my moms bday
Jacqueline Rivera

Jacqueline Rivera . 3 months ago

Alguien de Puerto Rico?
Brooklyn’s Drawings

Brooklyn’s Drawings . 3 months ago

Hehe it says my name in this (Brooklyn) Anyone here in November 2019?
Sean Hailey Pascual

Sean Hailey Pascual . 3 months ago

I've got ebo la la la la la

Pri . 3 months ago

To me this song kinda sounds like BTS' Fire when they say "La la la la la" I like this song now
Amiz Yusif

Amiz Yusif . 3 months ago

Anyone here from the Ebola song?
Jocelyn Cruz

Jocelyn Cruz . 4 months ago

San Diego!!!!!!!!💗

Hatice MISRATİ . 4 months ago

Keira Ruiz

Keira Ruiz . 5 months ago

gotta represent la puente 🥺💞

queen . 5 months ago

And her i knew that all the lyrics i said is wrong
Courtney Jackson

Courtney Jackson . 5 months ago

Anyone else here after watching Kourtney and khole take the Hampton's?
penda furaha

penda furaha . 5 months ago

*Manila. Bitch.
Ahmad Masoud

Ahmad Masoud . 5 months ago

La got da people’s saying *punch* LA LA LA LA LA Brooklyn Spain *punch* LA LA LA LA LA hacienda sayin *punch* LA LA LA LA LA LA who else came here just from that meme
Dylan Hazard

Dylan Hazard . 6 months ago

All jokes aside this is actually a very educational song

14city . 6 months ago

Rucka Rucka Ali
Helpahelplessnonexistingsoul Out

Helpahelplessnonexistingsoul Out . 6 months ago

It's not Mexico it's me ico the x is silent
Darkrose4756 Gaming

Darkrose4756 Gaming . 6 months ago

I listened to this when i was little and then its been stcuk to me ever since and lately ive been remembering it so i tried to look it up but i couldnt find until now so yay finally!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

R R . 6 months ago

It's Daniela

It's Daniela . 6 months ago

2019 anyone??? I can't believe she said Kansas city😊 and Mexico ❤
Itz_Cool verma

Itz_Cool verma . 7 months ago

Who likes pew die pie if u do make The thumb blue and subscribe me and as many subscribers i get i will make those many accounts for subscribing pew die pie ;)
Ocean Aesthetics

Ocean Aesthetics . 7 months ago

Aww Nevada wasn’t in this😭😭😭😭
Angela Cady

Angela Cady . 7 months ago

this is such a great beat. its me
Amiz Yusif

Amiz Yusif . 7 months ago

Who came here from Rucka's ebola song?
Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch . 7 months ago

Brazil 🙋
Fou Tuisamata

Fou Tuisamata . 7 months ago

Brooklyn:la la la la
Landen Granzow

Landen Granzow . 7 months ago

How many cuss words are in this song 😂 my mom hates hearing songs with lots of cuss words
Randomness of Genius

Randomness of Genius . 7 months ago

I was 18 when this song came out. I'm now 22 if it came out in 2015
imexactly kirana

imexactly kirana . 7 months ago

Brooke Lasovich

Brooke Lasovich . 8 months ago

I use this song for gymnastics :)
Gabriella Pietrobelli

Gabriella Pietrobelli . 8 months ago

this is an awesome song i love it !!:)
liv raie

liv raie . 8 months ago

Ebola lalalala *wait*

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