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MYRNE - Afterdark (feat. Aviella)

Trap Nation

Trap Nation

Published on 3 years ago

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Comments :

Trap Nation

Trap Nation . 3 years ago

Hope you all like MYRNE's new single out on Monstercat! Have a great weekend everyone :)
Elena M

Elena M . 2 days ago

2020, the same energy🤯
Aryan Tambe

Aryan Tambe . 3 days ago

Here’s the replay button 0:45
shashki _tshk

shashki _tshk . 2 weeks ago

0:48 best moment ❤🔥
shashki _tshk

shashki _tshk . 2 weeks ago

The best TraP song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Wolfie The Great

Wolfie The Great . 2 weeks ago

My new favorite trap song
Aziz Alsabea

Aziz Alsabea . 2 weeks ago

I love this
Nooby 123

Nooby 123 . 3 weeks ago

Fav music :D :D :D :D
Jun Ijii

Jun Ijii . 3 weeks ago

Its 2020 and this still wont change for me i love this song reminds me of a girl i loved but shit didnt work out also reminds me of how beautiful life can be
anil Singh

anil Singh . 4 weeks ago

Anyone here in Jan 2020
hush stl

hush stl . 4 weeks ago

Kowze its the best
hush stl

hush stl . 4 weeks ago

atokz nenekz

atokz nenekz . 4 weeks ago

I believe in you but you...😔
omkar khot

omkar khot . 4 weeks ago

Carryminati 💥❤️
Darkvoyager 8866

Darkvoyager 8866 . 1 month ago

Today’s made up song Deep down and Wind and Killercats- Swinging Down ft Christina Mallimore, Cara and evil

ОнЛЕГ . 1 month ago

0:46 best moment
Jeannie Clark

Jeannie Clark . 1 month ago

This beat dropped harder than the American bombs.
Thammu 77

Thammu 77 . 1 month ago

Love you carry🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
zendoiaax yellow

zendoiaax yellow . 1 month ago

2.25 is the best

Sk3ltoNn . 2 months ago

it's 11 December 2019, the time flying....
Areal OG

Areal OG . 2 months ago

Abhishek Agasti

Abhishek Agasti . 2 months ago

this song deserves more
Dev Gupta

Dev Gupta . 2 months ago

The drop is tripsy.
Void dark

Void dark . 2 months ago

This song makes me feel something i never thought I'd feel in a long time.
เสกสรร เสกขุนทด

เสกสรร เสกขุนทด . 2 months ago

I'll be chasing colors

AJKING321 . 2 months ago

0:47 This is why most of us are here for?
Madhur Gaming

Madhur Gaming . 2 months ago

Riski Bagus

Riski Bagus . 2 months ago

Like yg kesini gara2 KOPLAK LEMOET CHANNEL 😂

Ghoulzy . 2 months ago

the best time to start the time if you wanna make a edit is 1:52 just typing this so i can see this back ;)

Sky . 2 months ago

This is future bass not trap
Galaxy Skyez_

Galaxy Skyez_ . 2 months ago

Drop Buttons! 🔥🔥 0:46 🔥🔥

ARYAN NEWS Vlogs . 2 months ago

bro this song is too good

Nytro1224 . 2 months ago

*Doctor* : You have 3 minutes to live *Me* : *Play After dark*
Ruhul Amin

Ruhul Amin . 2 months ago

Love it!!

i9weq . 2 months ago

Now its 2019 , and I still listen to this shit
CubiX _

CubiX _ . 2 months ago

Me: Future Bass Trap Nation: Trap! Me: FUTURE BASS! Trap Nation: TRAP!! Me: Dis is fu*king FUTURE BASSS! Trap Nation: trap

SpringSing . 2 months ago

Shmeado anyone?
John Cena

John Cena . 2 months ago

Trap nation is love ❤❤❤
O ding dong ling Long

O ding dong ling Long . 2 months ago

It‘s taken a lot to get this far,stop calling me gay

상처로ɢᴏɴᴇ? . 2 months ago

Am I late on discovering this song? ._.
sortaduck is my ign

sortaduck is my ign . 3 months ago


LynchX . 3 months ago

That beat dropped harder than flat earther's belief in science.
Lovette Chris

Lovette Chris . 3 months ago

wow love the effect how can i get it, send it to me.
Ilja Plays

Ilja Plays . 3 months ago

I love this song it's the best song in the world really good!!! :)
IcebreakerFN btw

IcebreakerFN btw . 3 months ago

This is a tricksot montage song
Yasuo Main chanel

Yasuo Main chanel . 3 months ago

Hailee vanleysen

Hailee vanleysen . 3 months ago

Carry is live?

CARLoSYT. . 3 months ago

Like si vienes por unipad :v
AKASH Bhardwaj

AKASH Bhardwaj . 4 months ago

OCTOBER 2019??

HILL KILL . 4 months ago

I feel that circle has smooth yet insane movements... Will it explode?

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