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Published on 4 years ago

Ryme Minista - Don't Pressure - Mass Effect Riddim © 2016
Produced by Yunq Kinqz Ent

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Ryme Minista - Don't Pressure Me (Raw) [Mass Effect Riddim] April 2016 Ryme Minista - Don't Pressure Me (Raw) [Mass Effect Riddim] April 2016 Ryme Minista - Don't Pressure Me (Raw) [Mass Effect Riddim] April 2016 Ryme Minista - Don't Pressure Me (Raw) [Mass Effect Riddim] April 2016

Comments :

Javiel Sthilaire

Javiel Sthilaire . 2 months ago

Don't Pressure Me!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Trinabad Williams

Trinabad Williams . 1 year ago

BBC dem nuh knw me mi will murder pple.. Youth u sick nuh BBC look yah song bad
Keith Caesar

Keith Caesar . 2 years ago

Teddy Fyah

Teddy Fyah . 2 years ago

Tell them to behave themselves. They don't know about badness . a some apprentice badness them a deal with .
Keddane Buchanan

Keddane Buchanan . 2 years ago

bad man
Chosen One

Chosen One . 2 years ago

man like him play destiny acer spades hand cannon dat
Hunt Gather

Hunt Gather . 2 years ago

Bad we BBC bad
Samuel Halliman

Samuel Halliman . 2 years ago

Caw pressure me like foot ball a play enah 1 half Barcelona style
Devi Vilan

Devi Vilan . 2 years ago

Intro bad yf😲😲..any reflect a massive effect yo waa stick a bet BBC💠💥🔫
Dawid El

Dawid El . 3 years ago

bad chune.. wi bust dis shit ina Costa Rica!
Dayna Turner

Dayna Turner . 3 years ago

bad bad bad badd
Katrina Billett

Katrina Billett . 3 years ago

simple as dat don't pressure me. pleasssssssse
odan killer

odan killer . 4 years ago

Jaries music

Jaries music . 4 years ago

big man thing the yute song bad u fuck
King Javanna

King Javanna . 4 years ago

When him going buss a twn so him can go mainstream in Jamaica?
Jamain Parchment

Jamain Parchment . 4 years ago

mad move hat song
MY Views Channel

MY Views Channel . 4 years ago

di man chune dem jus evil and fulla energy star.. ppl soon start believe him .bare gun chune
Kukkii Boss

Kukkii Boss . 4 years ago

So Don't Pressure Me....
Mark Frazer

Mark Frazer . 4 years ago

upup sky high... madmad move.. minister... flanker side we say my gun work hard Spartan
merline fairclough

merline fairclough . 4 years ago

dont pleasure me
hortence george

hortence george . 4 years ago

King Riches

King Riches . 4 years ago

Run out di clip then eject next one slide up hammer rock back 😈😈😈
Nickeisha Lewis

Nickeisha Lewis . 4 years ago

song sick u BBC man rass movement
bill brown

bill brown . 4 years ago

Nickeisha Lewis

Nickeisha Lewis . 4 years ago

Hillz Boi 1DON

Hillz Boi 1DON . 4 years ago

bill brown

bill brown . 4 years ago

Hi code me killa it mad up deh
merline fairclough

merline fairclough . 4 years ago

dont preasure gun shoot fir boy afy lie dong
Jahlay Taylor

Jahlay Taylor . 4 years ago

Walex Almonor

Walex Almonor . 4 years ago

as a bad gyal
Keneel Spence

Keneel Spence . 4 years ago

Mad move ryme minister riddim dm ya up move every wA mi go gun move
Rayray Arnold

Rayray Arnold . 4 years ago

lol mad mad move...wul a 5
deee_unpredictable deee_unpredictable

deee_unpredictable deee_unpredictable . 4 years ago

bullet them Direct pick up internet
john smith

john smith . 4 years ago

What happen to this nigga!....him drop off like mango offa tree!....smh did can Gwan still
ChopStreet Music

ChopStreet Music . 4 years ago

ChopStreet Music

ChopStreet Music . 4 years ago

🔥🔥mad mad move ryme
Jamari Brown

Jamari Brown . 4 years ago

up cuz mad
Leo Nite

Leo Nite . 4 years ago

Berjal West

Berjal West . 4 years ago

Hold da 5 yah!!!!!
Chanado fliperachi Guzman

Chanado fliperachi Guzman . 4 years ago

don't elchapo says
Addi Law

Addi Law . 4 years ago

What the fuck is this?🙄Mobay nuh have no killas.....clickstar send fe war and the 3 mongrel run
Rahmone Burton

Rahmone Burton . 4 years ago

Run like a wing back...lol
teacha son

teacha son . 4 years ago

Anuh wata Ina my gun! Maad...... Can't wait fi hear the Spartan boss pon di Riddim.
vendetta gyal

vendetta gyal . 4 years ago

this yah maddddd love it boss
Linguiss D Savior Fan

Linguiss D Savior Fan . 4 years ago

Bloodclaaaaaaat!! No bwoy cant pressure mi like wen football a play inna one half! Up!!
Smart Kingdom

Smart Kingdom . 4 years ago

wifi a work enu
Amoy The Libra Queen

Amoy The Libra Queen . 4 years ago

wicked wicked wicked

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