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Mom Reacts to Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE (Official Video)



Published on 2 months ago


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Comments :


CUFBOYS . 2 months ago

Francis Dennis George

Francis Dennis George . 1 day ago

New meaning to groundhog day
Stacy Bania

Stacy Bania . 6 days ago

Roxanne is my fav song
Navya Didar

Navya Didar . 1 week ago

no matter how much u pitch it u will get copyrighted

rich_lizardpro . 1 week ago


Darcy GREAVES . 1 week ago

His girlfriend is Logan Paul's old manger, and she is the girl In the music vid and dwarf Mamber is in there as well. He has been in logans vlogs
RacRad Nightcore

RacRad Nightcore . 2 weeks ago

My Nightcore Roxanne sounds like this lmao
isadora santana

isadora santana . 2 weeks ago

Ok roxane and deep
Molly Barkley

Molly Barkley . 2 weeks ago

is it just me or does that black haired girl look like dora
Kam Klinker

Kam Klinker . 2 weeks ago

My name is kamryn
Dracula Wannaboogiedown

Dracula Wannaboogiedown . 2 weeks ago

you are such a prick to your mom bro
Carter Whitney

Carter Whitney . 2 weeks ago

I have a friend named Cameron but we call him cam
Logan Rich

Logan Rich . 2 weeks ago

Why is it so high pitch?

Jqqwon . 2 weeks ago

Im i the only one that realizes that it is groundhog day
wavy snipes

wavy snipes . 3 weeks ago

What if you guys reactes to hate me by juice wrld and Ellie Goulding
Jaemir Hawkins

Jaemir Hawkins . 3 weeks ago

Just say it's groundhog day that's how I remember it
Kool Gurl

Kool Gurl . 3 weeks ago

Who is that man?
Missy Ward

Missy Ward . 3 weeks ago


FlyHiDrver423 . 4 weeks ago

I LOVE your Mom!! She's so funny and cool!!
Kamryn Ward

Kamryn Ward . 4 weeks ago

Same name as mine
lynda nick

lynda nick . 4 weeks ago

I don't remember this having so much autotune. Or is it copyright
Smiley Lol

Smiley Lol . 4 weeks ago

Dude you look like Jeffrey Dahmer .

NotWhoops . 4 weeks ago

At certain points when they pause the video U can hear the actually song normally maybe it’s just my end idk
That’s Lit

That’s Lit . 1 month ago

Am I the only one that thought he was black?😳
Save Philip

Save Philip . 1 month ago

Hate channel because you cuss cut Hairrrrrrrrrrrr
Reardon Goforth

Reardon Goforth . 1 month ago

I love how she got the Karen haircut but is dope as fuck
Mrx_ chefão

Mrx_ chefão . 1 month ago

Alguem br?
Ulises Ramirez

Ulises Ramirez . 1 month ago

She's toxic😃
President Ogaymama

President Ogaymama . 1 month ago

Hey I’m from Rhode Island.... rip
AM Mercurio

AM Mercurio . 1 month ago

R they in different rooms
Jim Scott

Jim Scott . 1 month ago

My name is cameron
Gio Fraga

Gio Fraga . 1 month ago

Do 4 da trap
Triston Hawelu

Triston Hawelu . 1 month ago

“ Would you be down if you’re name was Arizona” “well you’re names Cameron” 🤣
drip gaming

drip gaming . 1 month ago

she gets pissed when a boy flashes a gun but when a guy gets shot she loves it
Conor Maynard

Conor Maynard . 1 month ago

4:03 This is f----- great... Good save😂
JoseAngel Gorostieta Rojas

JoseAngel Gorostieta Rojas . 1 month ago

wata fack and fack you
Daniel L

Daniel L . 1 month ago

Why is she asking so many questions
Brittany Tyler

Brittany Tyler . 1 month ago

roxxane roxxane all she wanna do is party allnight god damn roxxane never gonna love me but its alright she think im a asshole she think im a player

kawnartist . 1 month ago

Have you mom react to Eminem!

Ari . 1 month ago

Providence, Rhode Island 🌴 ayeee represent. i’ve been a supporter for 3 years.

Goat WRLD . 1 month ago

I saw evan aka dwarf mamba
S Phung

S Phung . 1 month ago

Please stop messing with the audio and tone of peoples songs! It honestly makes your videos sound absolutely terrible!

velocity6000 . 1 month ago

Lmao it still got copy righted
Kecia LaFond

Kecia LaFond . 1 month ago

I can call you fuckin ass shit

wegivinnofukk . 1 month ago

i just dropped the 5. song of my first EP. Im a german dude, that creates english music and i found an individual style! So listen and relax with me. Soon more is coming, so i would really appreciate your feedback! Love and peace guys. ❤️
99 ProblemXX

99 ProblemXX . 1 month ago

he kinda looks like blackbear
Mocha on kbm

Mocha on kbm . 1 month ago

2:24 Logan Pauls Friend! Pretty Sure
Cool Chase

Cool Chase . 2 months ago


BEASTPLAYA1 Playz . 2 months ago

Mom reacts to new suicideboys stop staring at the shadows album

YYY TENTACION . 2 months ago

Your mom reaction is funny

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