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Black Hollywood

Black Hollywood

Published on 5 years ago

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Comments :

Terranaye Carter

Terranaye Carter . 3 weeks ago

Bruh middle school days was the best we had no care in the world‼️😂😂
Ayo and Teo Eddie kambanzi

Ayo and Teo Eddie kambanzi . 2 months ago

Delacy Scott

Delacy Scott . 2 months ago

Still fye in 2019😂 🔥

OmgitsMike . 3 months ago

2019? Anyone?
Mike Ock

Mike Ock . 3 months ago

Who remember the nigga in the pink when he did it on the vine?🔥
Brannen Dickson

Brannen Dickson . 4 months ago

this was freshman year of high school
True Starks

True Starks . 5 months ago

He did that b4 x 😲 (hair)
Icy Xplixit

Icy Xplixit . 5 months ago

"Till this day!!" Deontay wilder voice*

몽니 . 6 months ago

Why did their other video get deleted
ouabd jafer

ouabd jafer . 7 months ago

Damn i've been here a long time ago....
Delacy Scott

Delacy Scott . 8 months ago


RBGGaming . 9 months ago

Damn it's been 4 years already. Time flies
Cecilia 2Flyy

Cecilia 2Flyy . 10 months ago

4 years ago life was really different

N1Ko . 12 months ago

Titus Wells

Titus Wells . 12 months ago

Who still here 2019
Delacy Scott

Delacy Scott . 1 year ago

This video still hypes me uppppp
Delacy Scott

Delacy Scott . 1 year ago

Yoooo 2018?? December??
Blarried East

Blarried East . 1 year ago

2018-2019 anyone?😂

J R . 1 year ago

Nice to see young men having fun
infamous J

infamous J . 2 years ago

Crazy how fast black people get turnt up
Cosmic Sparkles

Cosmic Sparkles . 2 years ago

They need to bring back the whip 😂😂
noa pace

noa pace . 2 years ago

I still fw this 2018

YuhBoyTae . 2 years ago

Who Dis???

Who Dis??? . 2 years ago

Middle school lmaoo
Kim Broadie

Kim Broadie . 2 years ago

Who still watching
Destinee Roberts

Destinee Roberts . 2 years ago

3:30 hat
Devonta Watson

Devonta Watson . 2 years ago

folks wack as. h
c e

c e . 2 years ago

I love watching these kids dance, sing and have a great time. It hurts my soul that kids fear being shot in this country.

IconicData . 2 years ago

Who's watching in 2017??
Kim Broadie

Kim Broadie . 2 years ago

Still watching on 2017
Cosme Douglas

Cosme Douglas . 3 years ago

what the song 1:20
Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith . 3 years ago

the whip's coming back

YoRice . 3 years ago

I think this where OBJ get his dance from here
Niki Bronson

Niki Bronson . 3 years ago

they dont half the credit they deserve
Phyllipe Vang

Phyllipe Vang . 3 years ago

Asija Mitchem

Asija Mitchem . 3 years ago

I love this song by famous to most they are a good group

Stacy . 3 years ago

how did i get here
koolkid Kase

koolkid Kase . 3 years ago

i remember when this dance hit the scene lol then... it was the yeet then hit the folks dance came n knocked every dance out the park since "05" when the lean n snap yo fingers dance... not to mention the infamous jerk dance from "09"
adrian the guy

adrian the guy . 3 years ago

1 white guy

Adiadam . 3 years ago

lol that one white guy in the back
Lonnie Tuikolovatu

Lonnie Tuikolovatu . 3 years ago

the one aisian in there haha

Tay . 3 years ago

I love seeing my black people enjoying life and just having fun !

Tay . 3 years ago

Dude with purple and orange dreads omg his hair nice as fuck
Desean Ford

Desean Ford . 3 years ago

Kalek Simmons

Kalek Simmons . 3 years ago

PRESS PLAY ! HOTTEST IN CAROLINAShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt-KsXpaf_M
Jae Phillips

Jae Phillips . 4 years ago

And to think, TV, Politicians, and Teachers ruined this dance
Sneakers Kicks

Sneakers Kicks . 4 years ago

Song pls
FAO 1602

FAO 1602 . 4 years ago

Gail Washington

Gail Washington . 4 years ago

yall need help
Spooke G

Spooke G . 4 years ago

the white in the top left

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