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Thousand Foot Krutch: Fly On The Wall (Official Audio)

Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch

Published on 6 years ago

Official Audio for “Fly On The Wall” from the album The End is Where We Begin.
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Comments :

Marvin Jones

Marvin Jones . 1 week ago

Wait this isn't AC/DC...
nike king

nike king . 1 week ago

I'm still listening in 2020
Jecs List A

Jecs List A . 2 weeks ago

Подстилка Дьявола

Подстилка Дьявола . 2 weeks ago

Я просто без ума от этой песни. На повторе бесконечно.
Benetid Alen

Benetid Alen . 3 weeks ago

Vernon Brown

Vernon Brown . 3 weeks ago

This is the anthem for 2020! #BeTheChange

J C . 3 weeks ago

20/20 vision learn to believe!!!
in memories of Oliver queen

in memories of Oliver queen . 1 month ago

anyone 2019?
Sára Safranka-Timár

Sára Safranka-Timár . 1 month ago

Writing lyrics.... Please valaki
jude martin fernandez naca

jude martin fernandez naca . 1 month ago

i dont get it.

R&E FILMS . 1 month ago

this song is for President Trump 😉

JOSEPH.PRATSCHER 210632 . 2 months ago

The "fly" is a Mexican trying to climb the border wall.
Samee Farhan Hoq

Samee Farhan Hoq . 2 months ago

Whos here in 2019 dec?

Habsta71 . 2 months ago

Sooo Good!!!
Nel-Nel Robles

Nel-Nel Robles . 2 months ago

I love this song. 😍
Mariene Silva

Mariene Silva . 2 months ago

💜 BR
Wh1plash __

Wh1plash __ . 2 months ago


pokealonso06 . 2 months ago

alguien que hable español? :v

sobe082389 . 2 months ago

mohamad ali

mohamad ali . 2 months ago

2019 ?
Lucas Goes

Lucas Goes . 2 months ago

sou brasileiro aqui ta pra nascer musica assim jamais tera

YUUICHI TSURUGI . 3 months ago

Ygor Sabe

Ygor Sabe . 3 months ago

bro what song I'm BR and this song has no comparison with funk
Spartain 117

Spartain 117 . 3 months ago

Best band for real life people

Cheshire20 . 3 months ago

When I heard "we can all be kings and queens" I juts thought of Six of Crows XD
Millennial Sec

Millennial Sec . 3 months ago

Thx for the meaninful masterpiece
jonny prinston

jonny prinston . 3 months ago

this song is about people knowing about something that they cannot stop and making the bullets to a broken gun means trying some thing that won' t work yeee yeee fellur

Hinabae_oops . 3 months ago


Tornamixz . 4 months ago

This band need more recognition!
shut up and listen

shut up and listen . 4 months ago


connam06 . 4 months ago

I about forgot about this song. Love stumbling across classics again
Andrew Flintoff

Andrew Flintoff . 4 months ago

1:40 Trump

Animétv[AMV] . 4 months ago

to be an AMV of an Anime

Animétv[AMV] . 4 months ago

I can use your music for an AMV

Animétv[AMV] . 4 months ago

Puedo usar esta música para un AMV
Misses Kooklyard

Misses Kooklyard . 4 months ago

I guess all these people who gave dislike are atheist😅 Because if you are believer this song must be so meaningful for you♥️ Unfortunately this is how our world is looking like now

KRATOZ / DJ/ . 4 months ago

Ever SouLessence

Ever SouLessence . 4 months ago

How am I just now hearing this masterpiece? I grew up with tfk and by far has been my favorite since phenomenon and art of breaking. Today I listened to the end is where we begin album and its so synchronized with my life at this moment in time. Thank you for being here for my times of need
Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer Morningstar . 4 months ago

This entire Album is probably their best work

TheUndeadNinja . 5 months ago

anyone listening in 2019-2020?
Coffee Addict

Coffee Addict . 5 months ago

these lyrics ... only a god could make it! In my point of view, they are criticizing the politics and our greed. we are all separated, we all divided into groups, the rich, the poor, the funniest, the dumbest ... but in the end we are all the same, we are all human being, black, yellow, white, American, Portuguese, Spanish ... We are all the same, and we still divided. The world would be a better place if countries didn't exist. I'm not guilty from being born in Portugal, so why should I pay to visit places? why that? Why don't we say " I'm from the Earth"?
Joshua Silva-ponte

Joshua Silva-ponte . 5 months ago

Last night, I almost gave up on everything But God’s Grace was there to remind me that everything was ok I was thinking of listening to a song with depressing lyrics (Youth | Division by FFAK & Voices by MIW). But I remember that since God saved me, I don’t need to because I’m free and I’m ok. So I’m listening to this song instead. God bless TFK and Praise be to his son Jesus Christ. May his will be done everywhere forever and may he receive all glory. -from @biblicalamericanpolitics (IG)

小林誠司 . 6 months ago

angel mota

angel mota . 7 months ago


MrMethadrine . 7 months ago

Why this pop song has so many views?

いっぬ . 7 months ago

Wolfistic Entertainment

Wolfistic Entertainment . 7 months ago

"And we were free But we all wore chains" We have nothing to lose but our chains.
Maria Moscatelli

Maria Moscatelli . 7 months ago

Is this song in any way related to Game of Thrones?
Donny Cháchote

Donny Cháchote . 8 months ago

My favorite TFK song, I am mostly thrash and death metal fan, but i just love TFK. What a band
Lynn Colberg

Lynn Colberg . 8 months ago

This is a cry out really

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