Song: 안녕 (Hello, Goodbye)
Singer: Hyorin (Sistar)
Drama: You Who Came From The Stars

Made by me, don't re-upload!!

Comments :

Reinasya Malik

Reinasya Malik . 3 years ago

my fav song i listen everyday, every time.. so feel👌💘💕💓
Luis Smith

Luis Smith . 3 years ago

I like this song because my brother died in a motorcycle crush and he known how to speak Korean and Chinese because he's teacher show him
christine trasona

christine trasona . 3 years ago

I miss this song.... 😢😢😢 I remember my days with my past friends...
Jeia Tuibeo

Jeia Tuibeo . 3 years ago

Who's slicing onions here😭
Soushi Miketsukami

Soushi Miketsukami . 4 years ago

Poison Bandit

Poison Bandit . 4 years ago

this song...
Lee Ji Gun

Lee Ji Gun . 4 years ago

It always makes me cry.
Mary kim

Mary kim . 4 years ago

don't worry just be happy ^-*
LPS LazyProductions

LPS LazyProductions . 4 years ago

It always make me feel like crying.. Don't worry though, I actually don't cry.
nylee_mich happy day

nylee_mich happy day . 4 years ago

nice song, ,even if it makes me feel sad to remember someone can't stop my self from listening to it ..
JH Esther

JH Esther . 5 years ago

1fa Grabyouth

1fa Grabyouth . 5 years ago

son ho jun lullaby
Hyorin Hey

Hyorin Hey . 5 years ago

Wawwooo formidable . vous aime beaucoup hyorin..😘😘😘
Tyana fe

Tyana fe . 5 years ago

when we meet again, i will be the first to say ..... i'm alright, Hello......
Ale E.

Ale E. . 6 years ago

Check out my spanish cover of this song ;3

Nicole1212 . 6 years ago

Love this song
Gabrielle Chemasi

Gabrielle Chemasi . 6 years ago

OMMG je cherché la trad' partout :o Merci pour l avoir traduite :)
Zahid Telur

Zahid Telur . 6 years ago

This is the best song i heard in this can i download this song at 4SHARED i always tried to dwnld but failed i thought i can dwnld this song use otherway,how?
Olympia Epirus

Olympia Epirus . 6 years ago

Niptia Edelweiss

Niptia Edelweiss . 6 years ago

Moi aussi j'adore les paroles et la traduction...

TheErikafree88 . 6 years ago

c'est une très belle chanson  merci pur la traduction

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